Work Your Dream Job + Travel

Is it possible?

According to traveling healthcare professionals… YES!

Let’s break it down.

Meet Dave! He’s one of our traveling physical therapists. We asked him what it’s like working his dream job while traveling.

David South Lake Tahoe

Q: What are the benefits of traveling?

A: “Two of the main benefits of traveling are flexibility and variety.”


Dave said he enjoys the different lengths of time off between assignments. There are also flexible work locations and durations for his assignments.


As far as variety goes, there’s a lot of it! Dave said the practice setting, patient populations, staff/co-workers, department policies, and overall work experience make each assignment unique and exciting! After and between shifts, the adventures are just as diverse. Dave said he loves getting to experience different communities, restaurants, breweries/wineries, and entertainment. The outdoor adventures aren’t too shabby either!

David South Lake Tahoe 2

Q: What do you get to explore on time off?

A: ​Dave said he loves regional outdoor adventures of his choosing! This ranges from local entertainment to weekend getaways tot he coast, mountains, or river valleys. Not to mention, the drive between each assignment destination can be its own adventure!

Q: Any volunteer opportunities?

A: “​Communities often embrace any volunteer work you or your traveling partner wish to provide. Local animal shelters are always looking for help walking and taking care of those wonderful adoptable pooches and kitties.”

David South Lake Tahoe 3

Q: Why is traveling the dream job?

A: “Honestly, I will echo my statements from above [regarding] variety, flexibility, and variability.”

Dave also added he loves, “having an opportunity to experience differences in communities that you may want to call home for the long run someday.”

David Mendocino County (Willits), CA

Q: Any advice to future traveling healthcare professionals?

A: “Don’t be afraid to be happy where you are. If you find yourself having a good work/community/living experience and the facility is offering to extend your contract, stick around. That next great destination will always be there in the future.”

Inspired? Let’s start planning your #adventureswithRTG here.

Beyond Borders: Delivering Medical Supplies and Care to the World

RTG Medical traveler Adena is one inspiring woman. She’s a NICU nurse who recently took two weeks off during her contract extension to volunteer in East Africa. She brought medical supplies from MedShare to St. Francis Community Health Centre, a rural facility in Mityana, Uganda.


Adena said, it was “extremely under-resourced” and “difficult to grasp how little they had to work with.”

There wasn’t a functioning X-ray machine, their lab capabilities were limited, drug selection was sparse and most people in the community couldn’t afford treatment.


“The people of Uganda are so unbelievably optimistic and grateful for everything! Extremely friendly. They live a life full of joy, even though they lack the most basic necessities. We take a lot for granted in life,” Adena said.


While there, Adena also went on a safari, took a boat ride down the Nile and hiked.


“I went on a gorilla trek to see the Mountain Gorillas, which are now critically endangered. That was an unforgettable weekend,” she said.


Now, Adena said she is looking forward to helping others on her next assignment — maybe on the west coast.


If you are interested in traveling with RTG Medical, click here for more information.


Meet Sara: RTG Medical’s Newest Recruiter

RTG Medical is one lucky company to have our newest solo hire, Sara Findley. Sara grew up in Grand Island, Nebraska, and currently lives in Omaha. She is coming to RTG Medical with public relations experience from the Omaha World-Herald and as a program director at Goodfellows. She is just as pumped to be at RTG as we are to have her! Sara says, “I was drawn to RTG because I enjoy helping others reach their full potential! Working with RTG to help our nurses do what they love and travel to see the world while doing it, makes my heart happy!”


Sara is an avid concert attendee with her sister and mother. It is a ritual that each year, the three of them pick a concert to attend together. She says, “It is always a laugh, and each one tops the last. Our latest was CHER and it was fantastic!”

Germany Cast 2002

One of Sara’s proudest accomplishments is traveling the world for six years with the Young Americans.


Sara enjoys spending time with her fiancé, wedding planning, and hanging out with her two fur babies, Koda and Bear.


Still, her bucket list is packed! She says, “I would love to travel to Ireland and New Zealand because they are beautiful countries that I would like to explore.” Sara is always up for something new and exciting, which is what ultimately drew her to apply at RTG Medical.

Sara says she is most excited about working at RTG because of the ability she has to create her own success while facing challenges constantly.

RTG Medical is excited to have a diverse and multi-talented staff. It’s the wide array of talents from recruiters that make this workplace so special.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our growing team, click here to apply!

Five Reasons Why You Should Become a Travel Nurse

Over the last two years, Maggy H. has traveled with RTG Medical. She’s a skilled nursing/long-term care nurse who has learned a lot from her #AdventureswithRTG.

Read Maggy’s travel nursing checklist!

1. You love to travel.

It’s exciting! Every assignment gives you a new adventure. Maggy says she spent a year working in Australia, and after she got back to the United States, she knew she couldn’t settle down in one place. She says she hopes to find her permanent home one day — but for now — she’s loving the flexibility of traveling.


2. You love exploring.

Exploring can mean many things — from checking out a new coffee shop on your day off, to snorkeling at a nearby beach. For Maggy, exploring means hiking, climbing and camping on her days off. She says she loves experiencing new landscapes across the U.S. between her shifts.

3. You love meeting new people.

It’s a package deal: new assignments, new people. Maggy says one of the joys of traveling the country is meeting new people and building new friendships. During Maggy’s first contract, she spent time with Heather — her friend and Maggy’s gateway into travel nursing.


4. You love learning from different opportunities.

Each travel assignment will be new, and if you love embracing change, travel nursing is the gig for you! Maggy says each contract and facility offers different staffing ratios, state survey results, policies and procedures. Embracing these opportunities makes you a better and more well-rounded nurse.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

5. You want to make a difference.

Maggy says she loves using her diverse travel experiences to become an even better nurse. In the long run, she’s planning on improving long-term and geriatric care legislature. She also says this is important to note: Even though a travel assignment can be short, you have the power to change and save a life.

Sound like you? Start your #AdventureswithRTG today at

The Nursing Nomad

Camille T. has a long bucket list, but after traveling with RTG Medical, it’s getting a lot shorter.

She’s been an OR Nurse for 14 years, and right now, she’s on assignment in California.


For four years, she’s traveled with RTG Medical, and she’s “very thankful” for travel nursing as it gives her “the freedom to be in three bucket list destinations in three days!”

Just this week, she’s been in San Diego and New Orleans!


As most traveling healthcare professionals, Camille’s day can always change. But she says, typically she has a morning meeting, works on a case schedule and is responsible for patients’ medications, charts and post-op.


Camille has been traveling to each assignment in her mini home — her RV. She’s able to eat, sleep and — of course — travel to her next bucket list destination and assignment.

“We wouldn’t be able to do all we do without travel nursing,” she said.


Live Like A Local While Traveling in Chicago

Following up on our previous “Live Like a Local” blog on traveling while in Dallas, we wanted to bring you our next exciting destination city to travel to… Chicago! With close to 3 million residents citywide and nearly 10 million people metropolitan-wide, there is never a shortage of activities to do or sights to see in “The Windy City!

St. Patrick's Day

So our journey in Chicago begins in the ever popular “Wrigleyville,” the neighborhood surrounding Wrigley Field.

The Cubby Bear – Wrigleyville
Located directly across from Wrigley Field stadium, The Cubby Bear is one of the most well-known sports bars in Wrigleyville. The location is HUGE, with 30,000 square feet of space on multiple levels featuring over 75 TVs. The Cubby Bear also features live music, a pool and great food, such as their Cubby Bear Burger (steakburger, pancetta, queso dip on a toasted pretzel bun), World Famous garlic fries and buffalo wings. The neighborhood feel of Wrigleyville invites you in to explore other restaurants, bars, and sight-seeing.

Millennium Park – Downtown Chicago
If you are more of an outdoorsy traveler, you will enjoy heading downtown to the northwestern portion of Grant Park to walk through Millennium Park which covers over 24-acres of land right by Lake Michigan. There are many sights to see, and the park is clean and vibrant. If you have children, they will love the outdoor park equipment, ice skating (seasonal) and water splash park areas. Adults will enjoy free concerts, private events and sights and sounds of beautiful downtown Chicago…very picturesque with all the skyscrapers in view from the park.

The Gage & The Magnificent Mile
Just across Michigan Avenue from Millennium Park, you will find tons of shopping and many more incredible restaurants. One award-winning gastro pub to rave about is The Gage. Entrees include fresh fish & chips, venison osso bucco, and bone-in prime ribeye. If you stop in during the day for lunch, be sure to try their Pabst Blue Ribbon beer battered fried pickles, smoked salmon BLT or the turkey club. The food isn’t the only thing to tout… their ambiance and service are top-notch!

About a mile north on Michigan Avenue, you will experience some of the best shopping of your life at The Magnificent Mile — all within walking distance through downtown Chicago. The Magnificent Mile boasts more than 460 retailers, including popular brands, major department stores, and international luxury labels and designers. Not to worry, there are more economic-friendly retailers in the area. The Magnificent Miles also has many gourmet stores for all you foodies and chocolatiers out there!

Best Time of Year: St. Patrick’s Day
If you are lucky enough to live or travel to Chicago during St. Patrick’s Day, you are lucky enough to experience some of the best Chicago has to offer. One excursion recommended is the annual Green Beer & Bagels Tour. The shoreline area of the city “gets its green on” in honor of the holiday with a special Architecture River Tour featuring complimentary bagels, St. Patrick’s Day favors and a special Irish-themed guided tour on the green-for-a-day Chicago River. This is definitely a photo op you don’t want to miss!

We’ve just provided a few of the many wonderful things to do and see in the Windy City, but that isn’t all. Other things the city has to offer are beautiful museums, history, culture and world-renown concerts. If are in Chicago area or have traveled there before, let us know your favorite hot spots by tweeting us. If Chicago sounds like a city you’re interested in traveling to, check out our job board to see what positions we have open, then give us a call!

Living Like a Local While Traveling in Dallas

Everyone knows that one of the greatest benefits of a traveling medical professional is having the opportunity to explore new cities. We’re kicking February off by highlighting key places to visit in cities all across the country… And we’ve decided to start in the Lone Star State!

Dallas is home to many great places to eat, have a good drink, and there are countless sights to see. Here are just some (highly encouraged) recommendations from a Dallas resident of her favorite places while in the city.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 8.52.46 AMPecan Lodge
Pecan Lodge is recommended as the best Texas BBQ in Dallas, and it was featured on Diners Drive-in and Dives. They only stay open until the food runs out for the day and they always have a line that forms 30 minutes before they open at 11am, but it is WORTH IT! Pecan Lodge got its start in a farmers market and became so popular they relocated to an area called “Deep Ellum” which is an awesome area to check out. It’s more up and coming, but Deep Ellum is known for their art. Tons of cool graffiti work on walls, lots of great restaurants, and cool boutiques to check out. Deep Ellum Brewery is also located nearby for a drink after eating.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 8.47.14 AMTrinity Groves
Trinity Groves is full of things to do for everyone. It has a phenomenal view of downtown Dallas and there are a handful of awesome restaurants to choose from. One of our travelers recommends Sushi Bayashi, LUCK, and the Cake Bar. LUCK is popularly known for promoting the local craft beer industry by serving everything fresh on tap and only beers brewed within a 75-mile radius. During your visit to Trinity Groves, take a walk across the Continental Avenue Bridge and admire the views of Downtown Dallas.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 8.07.09 AMMi Cocina
Mi Cocina is located in the uptown of Dallas. Uptown is where you go to see and be seen. Be ready to see some of the fanciest cars you’ve ever seen. Mi Cocina is very well known for their Mambo Taxis’. It is their house sangria swirled with their house margarita. The drinks are strong and delicious. Texas is very well known for their chips and queso (it’s at EVERY restaurant) and Mi Cocina’s is really good. After a bite to eat, head down to McKinney Avenue to check out their vibrant bars.

If you’re in Dallas or have traveled there before, let us know your favorite stops by tweeting us. We’d love to hear from you! If this sounds like a city you’re interested in traveling to, check out our jobs board to see what positions we have open, then give us a call!

What Our Health Care Facilities Want

What Our Health Care Facilities WantWe’ve recently talked about RTG Medical from the perspectives of the traveling health care professional and the recruiter/staffing specialist.

But now it’s time to talk about what RTG Medical means to health care facilities, and what we’re doing that has made us a leader in the very competitive health care staffing industry.

The fundamental mission of RTG Medical as it pertains to health care providers is to assist them in delivering quality patient care in an efficient, effective manner. Our goal is to create successful long-term relationships—not one-time transactions—with medical professionals and providers.

This goal is achieved through a convergence of professional ethics and technology, which delivers the highest quality medical professionals available to match the provider’s job specifications.

From the top down, we understand that there are numerous staffing agencies that any health care facility can choose from.

But we believe that RTG Medical stands out for a number of reasons: Continue Reading

Headed Out On a Road Trip? Check This List First

On the road

headed out on a road trip? don't forget this checklistOnce you’re on board with RTG, you’ll probably be driving to most of your assignments. Driving is usually the best option for our traveling medical professionals, because driving makes them eligible for mileage reimbursements and occasionally weekly car subsidies. Having your own personal vehicle when on assignment is also nice because you have more freedom to explore the community on off days, or simply to run everyday errands.  Continue Reading

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