Are Nurses The Answer to Problems In Health Care?

Are Nurses The Answer to Problems In Health Care?A quick look at our job openings in nursing shows well over 10 pages of openings.

And all around the country, there is a shortage of health care workers as demand continues to grow (because of an aging population, and also new legislation like the Affordable Care Act).

But a new NBC article suggests that nurses are actually the answer to these health care shortages because of their versatility and skill.

Here are a few interesting facts about nurses in the health care industry: Continue Reading

What is a Traveling Healthcare Professional?

Airport TravelerAn entire industry has been built up around the fact that, in many medical facilities, the demand for qualified healthcare professionals exceeds the local availability. This can be a short-term need due to a brief personal leave by one individual with a highly specialized skill set, or occur on a larger scale in places where healthcare services and facilities are growing in leaps and bounds. Continue Reading

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