We’re Making a List, and Checking it Twice

We're Making a List, and Checking it TwiceHere at RTG Medical, we love the holidays.

As the holidays grow closer and 2013 draws to a close, we thought it might be worth looking back at all the things we did this year so that there are no surprises when old Saint Nick rolls around.

We decided to write a letter to ol’ Kris Kringle himself. We know that he makes a list and checks it twice, so we thought we’d make his life a little easier by listing out all the things that may need explanation from the crew here at RTG!

Here are a few notable explanations from throughout the year: Continue Reading

Holiday Tips for the Traveling Nurse (Part II)

Holiday Tips for the Traveling Nurse (Part II)As a nurse, you might not always get to spend the holidays with your friends and family, whether because you had to take an assignment in a different state, or because “won” the lottery on a holiday shift.

And while it might be bittersweet, there are some perks to taking on a holiday shift. On Monday, we gave you a few things to consider when working over the holidays. To close off the series, here are the rest of our holiday tips for the traveling nurse: Continue Reading

Holidays Tips for the Traveling Nurse

Holidays for the Traveling NurseThanksgiving was last Thursday, and for many, the day was spent with family and friends enjoying the camaraderie and the food.

Unfortunately though, some professions require spending time at work rather than at home–a concept that’s very familiar to many nurses.

As a traveling nurse, it can be difficult to spend time away from family on the holidays. But creating a great holiday atmosphere doesn’t always require carols or lavished meals, which is why in this two-part series, we’re going to talk about just that.

So without further adieu, here are a few things to consider when working the holidays: Continue Reading

4 Negative Nursing Stereotypes (and Why They’re Not True)

5 Negative Nursing Stereotypes (and Why They're Not True)On Monday, we talked about all the fuss that MTV’s Scrubbing In started with nurses from around the nation.

And although we’ve covered some hospital myths in the past, we thought it couldn’t hurt to piggyback off of our post about Scrubbing In and take the time to address a few nursing stereotypes (and why they’re not true).

Here are a few of the most common stereotypes in nursing–and why they couldn’t be further from the truth: Continue Reading

Meet Suzette Shepherd, Senior Recruiter at RTG

Meet Suzette Shepherd, Senior Recruiter at RTGTo continue our series of interviews and introductions to the recruiting staff here at RTG Medical, today, we’re going to get to know a little bit more about Suzette Shepherd, Senior Recruiter at RTG!

Suzette grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and had her first interaction with the world of medical recruiting at another staffing agency in town. But when she had her twin girls, she decided for the time being to leave work and spend more time with her family.  Continue Reading

Humor in Healthcare: Hospital Myths and Stereotypes

Humor in Healthcare-- Hospital Myths and StereotypesHealthcare can be a pretty intense career field for RTG Medical travelers. You care for people who are ailing, may be in pain, and sometimes are terminally ill.

On the other hand, you get to also witness miraculous moments, and see lives get transformed in wonderful ways.

In the midst of the emotional ups and downs, you sometimes need a little levity, so we’ll start our “Humor in Healthcare” series with a look at some of the more amusing myths about working in healthcare. Continue Reading

Healthcare Worker Health 101: Preventing Back Injuries

Healthcare Worker Health 101--Preventing Back InjuriesIt’s not surprising that laborers, truck drivers, maintenance workers and law enforcement personnel bear some of the highest national rates of occupational injuries.

What might be surprising to you is that hospital workers join them in the top five. And with more than half of their injuries involving the back, nursing has become the career category that carries a very high risk for back injuries.

These past few weeks, we’ve covered a number of topics geared towards keeping healthcare workers healthy, from footwear for nurses, to sleep tips for night shift workers, to healthy eating in a hospital.

So as we continue our series about how healthcare workers can stay healthy, let’s look at some ways that RTG Medical travelers can help prevent back injuries in the workplace: Continue Reading

Meet Senior Recruiter Keli Koepke

Meet Senior Recruiter Keli KoepkeThe next RTG Medical team member to be featured in our series of profiles is nine-year RTG veteran and senior recruiter Keli Koepke, who also spent two years of his RTG career as General Manager.

Keli is a wonderful example of how professionalism and experience can always be enhanced by a good sense of humor. 

You can take a look at our interview with Keli below:

RTG: What did you do before joining RTG?

Keli: I worked for a collection agency for two years. Then I started my own collection agency and ran that for two years. I was looking for something in a different industry entirely and wanted something where I could still feel like I was running my own business. The internal structure of RTG Medical interested me, and after a lunch with the COO, I decided to give it a try.

RTG: Is there a particularly sticky situation you’ve gotten a traveler out of? Continue Reading

Meet Senior Recruiter Becky Sullivan

Meet Senior Recruiter Becky SullivanWe believe that RTG Medical’s recruiting team is among the best in the industry, and we’re proud to introduce Becky Sullivan as the next recruiter to be featured in our series of profiles.

Becky has years of experience in the medical recruiting industry, so although she joined RTG only three months ago, she’s already fitting in wonderfully.

Here’s what Becky had to say in our interview: Continue Reading

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