6 Steps To Becoming A Travel Nurse

Caught the travel bug?

You’re in the right place.

You may be graduating next year, experiencing a life change, or just wanting to find your new #adventureswithRTG.

At RTG Medical, we’re here to help you go there — and we’ll be there every step of the way, as your personal travel guide.

If you’re excited and inspired by travel nursing, read on! One of our senior recruiters will tell you everything you need to know in taking the leap.


1. Commit

This is the hardest step! Once you decide to travel, your recruiter can get the ball rolling. You will have the most preparation before your first assignment; so, it’s good for you and your recruiter to know that you are 100 percent ready for your #adventureswithRTG.


2. Keep Your Current Position

You’ve decided to travel. Awesome! Now, don’t get too ahead of yourself and quit your current position. Take a breath. Your recruiter will give you the green light when you’re ready to be submitted for traveling positions.


3. Brush Up On That Resume!

Make sure your experience is on paper. Also, explain any gaps of employment; this may be a chunk of paid time off or a gap where you took time to raise a family. Whatever that may be, elaborate! Also, gather all of your immunization records.


4. Find Your “Why”

Why are you traveling? Is it for more compensation or for more adventure? Whatever it may be, communicate your “why” with your recruiter. Then, they can tailor assignments just for you!


5. Apply For Licenses

If you know you want to travel to specific states, go ahead and apply. Sometimes, this can take a while. That’s why it’s best to start the process now, so when your assignment is ready for you, you’re off to the races!

Highway 275 The Road to Success

6. Ask Questions!

At RTG Medical, we want what’s best for you. It’s YOUR career! Ask us anything, because we’re happy to help and guide you on your #adventureswithRTG.

Ready to start traveling? Click here for more information.

From La La Land to Disneyland: Jonathan’s #AdventuresWithRTG

Last February, Jonathan and his wife were watching one of their favorites — La La Land. He said he enjoyed the soundtrack, but it was the story’s setting that struck a chord.

“I’m sure my wife loved the movie for [Ryan] Gosling, but I was falling in love with Los Angeles.”

That’s when he asked, “What do you think about going there?”

After talking about the possible move, Jonathan called his RTG Medical recruiter about getting the ball rolling in Southern California. Jonathan was currently in North Carolina working as an ER Nurse, but he had worked in emergency departments across the country.

Shortly after, he matched with an ER nursing position — and that was it! Jonathan, his wife Patricia, and their three-year-old son packed up their 4Runner and hit the road — headed west.

That cross-country road trip launched their year of travel throughout the Golden State. When Jonathan wasn’t in the emergency department, he and his family traveled to the Golden Gate Bridge…


the set of “FRIENDS”…


the 17-mile Road on Pebble Beach…


the Grand Canyon…

and Disneyland.


He said they enjoyed “seeing the sights of Hollywood and recognizing a lot of familiar locations that we would see on TV. Even better, frequently meeting some of our favorite celebrities.”

Here’s Jonathan with Ken Jeong (Mr. Chow) from The Hangover.


They had the flexibility of going snowboarding in the mountains or going surfing at the beach. The work-life balance injected new life into Jonathan’s nursing assignment; he even worked as a nurse at Coachella!


“My favorite aspect of travel nursing is the people I meet while working,” he said, “when you get to know people while traveling, they start to invite you to do things that you never thought would be possible.”

Jonathan’s been traveling with RTG Medical for four and half years. He still loves watching La La Land and where it’s set, but he says he loves living there even more.


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  2. This year, I will sleep better.
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  4. This year, I will take advantage of my travel assignments.

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