Taking Your First Peek at RTG Medical Travel Openings

Taking Your First Peek at RTG Medical Travel OpeningsWe know that not everyone who finds this blog is already associated with RTG Medical.

You may be an established medical professional flirting with the idea of putting your skills into practice all over the country as a traveler. Maybe you’re close to getting your degree or certification in your field and want to explore your career options. Or maybe you already work for a competitor and are quietly looking for a company that’s a better fit.

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Recruiters’ Knowledge 101

Recruiters' Knowledge 101When researching the business of medical recruiters, you’ll often see the position referred to generically as a “travel nurse recruiter.”

What’s more, RTG Medical and its competitors are sometimes referred to as “travel nursing agencies,” and the health care workers themselves are often referred to as “nurses.”

While it may be simpler to think of things that way, a quick look at our openings shows positions like histologist, sterile processing, speech language pathology, vascular sonographer and medical laboratory technician, along with many specialties of nursing.

So really, there’s a lot more to the recruiting we do than just nursing.

If you want to be an effective recruiter for RTG Medical, you have to quickly become familiar with all of the different types of fields that we recruit for. From radiology, to therapy, to laboratory positions, we fill all sorts of positions–not just nursing–all over the 50 states.

Here’s a brief introduction to some of the fields we’re referencing: Continue Reading

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