How To Choose Your Medical Staffing Agency

If you’re new to the healthcare staffing industry or you’re in search of your first recruiter, it may be a bit overwhelming.

After all, there’s a lot of us!

But, RTG Medical is in your corner, and we’re here to make the decision process easier.

We spoke with our team, and we boiled it down to two major steps! Read on to find the best fit for your traveling career.


1. Find a recruiter you connect with.

Don’t get us wrong. You’re definitely looking for a staffing agency; but in the end, you’re going to be talking with your recruiter the most.

Find someone who will truly listen to your plans, your desires, and your priorities. This will help your recruiter help you find the best assignments and adventures.

Once you do find a great fit, tell that recruiter! This will get the ball rolling and ensure your traveler-recruiter relationship has a solid foundation for your traveling future.


2. Choose a company you can trust.

This is very important.

Choose an established company that has been around long enough to experience all of the changes in the industry. Working with a trusted agency gives you a great resource for anything you may encounter down the road. Choose your RECRUITER just as much as you’re choosing your AGENCY!

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Interested in us? 

RTG Medical has been a trusted healthcare staffing agency for nearly 20 years. Headquartered in Fremont, Nebraska, we connect healthcare professionals to assignments in all 50 states. Learn more here or give us a call at 866.784.2329. 

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