Healthcare Worker Health 101: Preventing Back Injuries

Healthcare Worker Health 101--Preventing Back InjuriesIt’s not surprising that laborers, truck drivers, maintenance workers and law enforcement personnel bear some of the highest national rates of occupational injuries.

What might be surprising to you is that hospital workers join them in the top five. And with more than half of their injuries involving the back, nursing has become the career category that carries a very high risk for back injuries.

These past few weeks, we’ve covered a number of topics geared towards keeping healthcare workers healthy, from footwear for nurses, to sleep tips for night shift workers, to healthy eating in a hospital.

So as we continue our series about how healthcare workers can stay healthy, let’s look at some ways that RTG Medical travelers can help prevent back injuries in the workplace: Continue Reading

Footwear for Healthcare Workers: The Basics

Footwear for Healthcare Workers-- The BasicsHealthcare workers make a living taking care of others, but it’s important for healthcare workers to remember to take care of themselves, too.

This week, we’ll start to explore some of the ways that RTG Medical healthcare travelers can stay healthy on the job, starting from the bottom up: footwear.

Nurses and other medical professionals spend a tremendous amount of time on their feet. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), the average American logs 75,000 foot-miles by age 50, so imagine what an average hospital or health worker must accumulate during all those long shifts!

Just by wearing appropriate shoes, you can alleviate foot pain, increase your stamina, prevent back problems, and even prevent slips and falls. Continue Reading

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