Highway 275: The Road to Success

Highway 275 The Road to SuccessBeing headquartered in Fremont, Nebraska, many of our recruiters at RTG Medical commute from the greater Omaha area–about 35 miles away from city center to city center. Their daily journey takes anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes each way, and for those in northwest Omaha or outlying communities like Elkhorn and Valley, the trip is even shorter. Continue Reading

What is RTG Medical?

Doctor. RTG Medical.A short “elevator speech” describing the essence of RTG Medical would go something like this: RTG Medical is a veteran-owned medical staffing agency focused on contracting travel and permanent healthcare professionals.

From the beginning

The company originally began operations in 2000 in Omaha, Nebraska, as “ReadyTech-Go.” Since then it’s been renamed “RTG Medical” to better emphasize the healthcare connection and its corporate office has relocated 25 miles northwest to Fremont, Nebraska, but the core focus of the organization remains to recruit and place medical professionals. Continue Reading

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