Photos From the Field: On Location With RTG Medical

We’ve done a lot of talking about being a recruiter with RTG Medical recently, but today we’d like to back track a few weeks to go further into the world of the traveling medical professional. Our recruiters do sometimes visit nearby hospitals, but as a traveling health care professional, you’ll have the option to road trip¬†or fly all over the country for work.

But if you’re looking to work as a medical traveler, you might be wondering exactly what kinds of locations you’ll have the opportunity to visit. And for that, we turn to some photos from throughout the history of our Facebook page. We always encourage our travelers to take pictures wherever they go, and needless to say, they’ve sent back some pretty beautiful photos.

So without further ado, here’s a brief visual tour through some of the many locations you could end up if you decide to work as a traveler with RTG Medical: Continue Reading

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