The Principles of RTG Medical

The Principles of RTG MedicalSince we began operations in 2000, RTG Medical has earned a reputation for integrity, due largely to the commitment of our employees to a number of principles that guide everything we do.

Our Mission

The mission of RTG Medical is to assist medical providers in delivering quality patient care in an efficient, effective manner. Our goal is to create successful long-term relationships, not one-time transactions, with medical professionals and providers.

Our goal is achieved using the right mixture of professional work ethics and technology, so that we can match the highest-quality medical professionals available to the provider’s needs.

Our Beliefs

A basic set of beliefs summarizes how we conduct business, from entry-level to senior management: Continue Reading

The Real Story on Recruiting with RTG

The Real Story on Recruiting with RTGIf the heart of RTG Medical is its medical professionals, then the brains of the operation are its recruiters (also called staffing specialists).

A lot has to happen to get from Point A (position needing to be filled) to Point B (position is filled), and it’s the recruiters who serve as the liaison between the traveling healthcare professionals and the medical facilities during the placement process and beyond.  Continue Reading

Couples’ Travel With RTG Medical

couples travel with RTG medicalAnecdotally, at least, medical traveling is a profession associated with young, lone-wolf singles who are free to take off at a moment’s notice, unencumbered by a spouse or family. There’s no denying that a fair percentage of traveling healthcare professionals are single, but there has never really been a large-scale survey of traveling healthcare professionals to create a credible demographic profile or provide hard statistics.

Nevertheless, anyone in the industry can tell you that plenty of successful healthcare travelers are married or in long-term, committed relationships, and that a small number even travel with their families. Continue Reading

Your First Day With RTG

Your First Day With RTGWhether your assignment is a short-term relief, an extended contract, a per diem, or a temp-to-perm scenario, you’ll want to feel comfortable in your new environment, both at work and within the community. What follows are a few things you should plan for on your first day with RTG. Continue Reading

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