Tips on the best way to save money when on assignment

The perks of becoming a traveling healthcare professional with RTG Medical are exploring new cities and meeting new people. With so many things to do, you might spend more money than you planned.

Luckily, there are ways that healthcare professionals like you can save money while traveling. As one of the best healthcare travel companies, our team wants to share some valuable ways you can save money on your next traveling assignment. 

Create a budget

First, before you start a traveling assignment, you should create a budget according to your income and expenses. You can jot down your expenses in a notebook or app. Some good budgeting apps include Mint, Goodbudget, YNAB, EveryDollar, PocketGuard, Honeydue, and Fudget

When creating a budget, be sure to be  as realistic and accurate as possible about your living expenses. These expenses should include housing, food and transportation. Do not forget to also budget for any lifestyle expenses like getting coffee, visiting places or eating out. 

Pack smart

One travel tip that healthcare professionals should consider following is to pack smart. You want to bring enough scrubs that you can alternate throughout your workweek. Try also to pack versatile clothing for out-of-work activities and special occasions. Packing these kinds of clothes can save you money and helps you avoid shopping for clothes every time you go to a new city. 

Cook meals at home

When visiting a new place, it can be tempting to want to try all the new restaurants. However, if you are looking to save some money, you should get into the habit of cooking meals at home as often as possible. 

A study has found that eating out is five times more expensive than cooking at home. However, you  can start by meal prepping for the week and then saving the weekend to go out and eat. By taking this step, you can save extra money but still enjoy healthy meals throughout the week.

Look for deals or use coupons

The best healthcare travel companies suggest you can save extra money is looking for deals. Before you visit your next attraction, you should look online first to see if there are any discounts or free activities you do. For example, local travel guides and Groupon are excellent resources. Do not forget, you can save a little bit of money by using coupons to buy your groceries. 

Use different forms of transportation

Sometimes traveling healthcare professionals have to drive to their assigned destination. However, having a car while on your traveling assignment can sometimes be inconvenient. It can also be expensive, especially when using it every day to drive to work. 

Before your next traveling assignment, double-check the city’s transportation options. See if the city you are traveling to has a reliable  public transportation system like buses or subways. If you live close to your workspace, consider biking or walking to work.

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How to choose a healthcare travel agency

Have you decided that becoming a traveling healthcare professional is the right career move? Then, your next step should be starting your search for a travel healthcare agency. When you Google for travel healthcare companies, you’ll get many choices. 

With so many options, picking a healthcare travel agency can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to this industry. Our team wants to share some advice on choosing a travel healthcare agency and why you should choose RTG Medical as your traveling partner.

Research their experience and reputability

When looking for a healthcare travel agency, the first step you should take is doing research. You want to look for an agency that is reputable and experienced. Choosing an experienced healthcare travel agency will ensure your travels go as smoothly as possible. 

Do not just base your decision on what is on their website. It would be best to expand your research to what other people have to say. Here are some things you should include in your research:

  • Check to see if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • Read their online reviews on Google and Facebook
  • See what awards they have won 

Check out which locations they offer 

A primary reason many people decide to become traveling healthcare professionals is to travel. They want the opportunity to explore new cities and meet new people. So when looking for a healthcare agency, make sure to see which locations they offer. 

It is important to note that not all agencies offer the same opportunity. The best travel healthcare companies, like RTG Medical, will have a wide variety of locations. At RTG Medical, we specialize in working with large and small facilities, ranging from critical access to university hospital settings.

Consider what the recruiter and traveler relationship is like

When working for a healthcare agency, the recruiter will be your main point of contact, career navigator, and give you travel tips for healthcare professionals.

So when you start contacting agencies, consider how the recruiter treats you. It would be best if you asked yourself these questions:

  • Does the recruiter make a personal connection?
  • When you call, are they friendly and caring?
  • Are you being switched between recruiters?

Look at their benefits

When looking for a healthcare travel agency, you should consider the benefits and packages. Make sure that they provide the benefits that fit your needs. Not getting the benefits you need will cause you anxiety down the road. You want to make sure to ask:

  • If you will get assistance with housing?
  • Do you get paid leave?
  • Will you get travel insurance?

One unique thing about RTG Medical is that you get one recruiter through your entire traveling journey. This recruiter will become your main point of contact for everything from traveling assignments to payroll. Our agency follows this method to ensure your whole travel experience goes smoothly.

Are you ready to work for one of the best travel healthcare companies?

Then, let RTG Medical become your traveling partner. We recruit nursing, radiology, therapy, pharmacy and laboratory professionals to work in facilities in all 50 states. Contact us to get started today.

Four travel tips for healthcare professionals

One of the reasons people decide to become traveling healthcare professionals is to explore new places. Healthcare staffing agencies, like RTG Medical, provide healthcare travelers from different fields traveling opportunities to fill temporary vacancies across the country. 

But before you hit the road or board the plane to your next destination, you need to pack. Since you will be away from your home for a certain amount of time, you need to make sure you have the necessities. Whether it is your first or tenth traveling assignment, use these travel tips to make your next assignment as stress-free as possible.

Four travel tips for healthcare professionals

Do some research about the location

Healthcare travelers with RTG Medical have endless travel options! We have a variety of locations that range from both small and large facilities, ranging from critical access to university hospital settings. Once you get confirmation about your next location, you should do some research before you travel there. Doing a little research will help you adjust better to that new location for the period you are traveling there. Be sure to check out what activities you can do after work, what the climate is like and more. 

Stay connected with your recruiter 

At any time during your assignment, if you have any questions, you should talk to your recruiter. At RTG Medical, we pair you with one recruiter through your whole traveling job process. This recruiter will become your single point of contact for everything. Our recruiters can assist you with everything from navigating the assignment contract to housing questions. This process is aimed to make your whole experience easier. 

Avoid overpacking

Travel assignments can last anywhere from 13 weeks on up. Whichever works best for you, you should pack accordingly. It is advised that you pack smart and light. You should only bring what you cannot live without for the duration. Avoid bringing along large items, like TVs. Here are some items you should consider bringing with you during your next travel assignment:

  • Important documents 
  • First aid kit 
  • Versatile clothing and shoes
  • Prescription medicines
  • Comfort home items
  • Tech like headphones and a laptop

Make connections with your coworkers

It can be scary starting a new position but even more when it’s in a new city. One way to make yourself more at ease is by getting to know your coworkers. Get to know the people you work around while on your assignment. Invite them out for coffee or to hang out. This can help you network, build friendships and get recommendations of new things to do while on your traveling assignment.

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RTG Medical Travel Nurse Loses 100 Pounds On Assignment

“It’s the best thing I ever did in my life.”

Meet Steve Stang! He’s an EP Nurse from Omaha, Nebraska.

RTG Medical recently got to interview him about his inspirational travel journey!

Last year, Steve celebrated 32 years working at his home hospital. After building a strong foundation of critical care experience, he decided to take a leap of faith and become a travel nurse.

“I wanted to focus on myself.”

And he did just that.

In December of 2019, Steve landed in Atlanta for his first assignment.

“It was amazing,” he said, “I was the new guy for the first time — the new kid on the block.”

He said it was fun to prove himself and learn new approaches to procedures. He said loved it so much, he accepted a second assignment at the same facility.

During his two contracts in Atlanta, Steve found a passion for the outdoors and photography.

When he wasn’t working, he was hiking…


Snapping photos of everything that caught his eye…

And eating well.

With his new found lifestyle, he dropped more than 100 pounds!

“It turned my world around,” he said, “[traveling] was a great vehicle [for me] to focus on myself.”

Steve was so motivating that one of his coworkers in Atlanta followed suit and lost 75 pounds, too!

So what’s next?

After completing his first two contracts, Steve is back home in Nebraska woodworking in his garage…

spending time with family…

and gearing up for his third assignment with RTG!

His advice to future travelers?

“It’s definitely worth the risk, and I’m all for it,” he said, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Don’t be afraid! It was the biggest blessing in my life.”

Want to start traveling? Your new adventure starts here!

6 Steps To Becoming A Travel Nurse

Caught the travel bug?

You’re in the right place.

You may be graduating next year, experiencing a life change, or just wanting to find your new #adventureswithRTG.

At RTG Medical, we’re here to help you go there — and we’ll be there every step of the way, as your personal travel guide.

If you’re excited and inspired by travel nursing, read on! One of our senior recruiters will tell you everything you need to know in taking the leap.


1. Commit

This is the hardest step! Once you decide to travel, your recruiter can get the ball rolling. You will have the most preparation before your first assignment; so, it’s good for you and your recruiter to know that you are 100 percent ready for your #adventureswithRTG.


2. Keep Your Current Position

You’ve decided to travel. Awesome! Now, don’t get too ahead of yourself and quit your current position. Take a breath. Your recruiter will give you the green light when you’re ready to be submitted for traveling positions.


3. Brush Up On That Resume!

Make sure your experience is on paper. Also, explain any gaps of employment; this may be a chunk of paid time off or a gap where you took time to raise a family. Whatever that may be, elaborate! Also, gather all of your immunization records.


4. Find Your “Why”

Why are you traveling? Is it for more compensation or for more adventure? Whatever it may be, communicate your “why” with your recruiter. Then, they can tailor assignments just for you!


5. Apply For Licenses

If you know you want to travel to specific states, go ahead and apply. Sometimes, this can take a while. That’s why it’s best to start the process now, so when your assignment is ready for you, you’re off to the races!

Highway 275 The Road to Success

6. Ask Questions!

At RTG Medical, we want what’s best for you. It’s YOUR career! Ask us anything, because we’re happy to help and guide you on your #adventureswithRTG.

Ready to start traveling? Click here for more information.

Beyond Borders: Delivering Medical Supplies and Care to the World

RTG Medical traveler Adena is one inspiring woman. She’s a NICU nurse who recently took two weeks off during her contract extension to volunteer in East Africa. She brought medical supplies from MedShare to St. Francis Community Health Centre, a rural facility in Mityana, Uganda.


Adena said, it was “extremely under-resourced” and “difficult to grasp how little they had to work with.”

There wasn’t a functioning X-ray machine, their lab capabilities were limited, drug selection was sparse and most people in the community couldn’t afford treatment.


“The people of Uganda are so unbelievably optimistic and grateful for everything! Extremely friendly. They live a life full of joy, even though they lack the most basic necessities. We take a lot for granted in life,” Adena said.


While there, Adena also went on a safari, took a boat ride down the Nile and hiked.


“I went on a gorilla trek to see the Mountain Gorillas, which are now critically endangered. That was an unforgettable weekend,” she said.


Now, Adena said she is looking forward to helping others on her next assignment — maybe on the west coast.


If you are interested in traveling with RTG Medical, click here for more information.


The Travel Nurse Power Couple

Meet Dustin and Crista Akins — a travel nursing duo crossing the country with their 19-month-old son Leo.


After they got married, they worked at the University of New Mexico Hospital for a few years where Dustin was an adult progressive care nurse and Crista was a pediatric ICU nurse. During their time in Albuquerque, Crista started to catch the travel bug — but at the time, adventures didn’t seem possible.


Crista had used all of her paid time off from her maternity leave and Dustin was finishing his bachelors degree, so they didn’t have any free time to travel.

That’s when Crista started looking into travel nursing and connected with Cory at RTG Medical.

“He has been fabulous to work with!” Crista said.


So far, it’s been smooth sailing! Cory (their recruiter) said, “We are truly lucky to have them on board with RTG!”

The Akins family has travelled to Phoenix, Arizona, and now, they are on their second contract in Tacoma, Washington. So far, they’ve been on the road for nearly a year.


“We have found that there are amazing people no matter where you go, and so far, this experience has been truly priceless.”

Want to start your #AdventureswithRTG? Visit and contact us today!

Five Reasons Why You Should Become a Travel Nurse

Over the last two years, Maggy H. has traveled with RTG Medical. She’s a skilled nursing/long-term care nurse who has learned a lot from her #AdventureswithRTG.

Read Maggy’s travel nursing checklist!

1. You love to travel.

It’s exciting! Every assignment gives you a new adventure. Maggy says she spent a year working in Australia, and after she got back to the United States, she knew she couldn’t settle down in one place. She says she hopes to find her permanent home one day — but for now — she’s loving the flexibility of traveling.


2. You love exploring.

Exploring can mean many things — from checking out a new coffee shop on your day off, to snorkeling at a nearby beach. For Maggy, exploring means hiking, climbing and camping on her days off. She says she loves experiencing new landscapes across the U.S. between her shifts.

3. You love meeting new people.

It’s a package deal: new assignments, new people. Maggy says one of the joys of traveling the country is meeting new people and building new friendships. During Maggy’s first contract, she spent time with Heather — her friend and Maggy’s gateway into travel nursing.


4. You love learning from different opportunities.

Each travel assignment will be new, and if you love embracing change, travel nursing is the gig for you! Maggy says each contract and facility offers different staffing ratios, state survey results, policies and procedures. Embracing these opportunities makes you a better and more well-rounded nurse.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

5. You want to make a difference.

Maggy says she loves using her diverse travel experiences to become an even better nurse. In the long run, she’s planning on improving long-term and geriatric care legislature. She also says this is important to note: Even though a travel assignment can be short, you have the power to change and save a life.

Sound like you? Start your #AdventureswithRTG today at

RTG Medical Welcomes Second Class of Interns

Our first RTG intern class has graduated! Now, we’re welcoming two Midland University students to our internship program. These two are busy competing, studying, and enjoying the adventures of college. We are excited to finally introduce the smiling faces who greet our team every day. Join us in welcoming Lexie and Ty!

New Hire Interns with logoLexie Czaplewski
Grand Island, NE

Major: Business Administration and Marketing with a minor in coaching
Sport: Cheerleading
Why did you choose to intern at RTG? All of the positive things I heard about the company and the people that work here.
How would you spend one million dollars? Pay off my student loans and then buy lots of golden-doodle puppies.
If you could have any super power, what would it be? Definitely read minds.
Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Hopefully happy with lots of golden-doodles.
If you could host a talk show, who would be your first guest?
For sure Ryan Reynolds (because he’s hot).
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Anywhere near family and friends!

Ty Hecker
David City, NE
Why did you choose to intern at RTG? Because of all of the good things I’ve heard from past interns and current employees.
How would you spend one million dollars?
Pay off my schooling/house. I would probably buy a new car and save the rest.
If you could have any super power, what would it be?
The ability to fly.
Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Hopefully have bought a new house, have children, and practicing law.
If you could host a talk show, who would be your first guest?
Probably Melissa McCarthy because she is really funny.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our growing team, click here to apply!

A Glimpse into Giving: RTG Medical’s 2019 Community Partnership Program

Community service and partnerships play an integral role at RTG Medical. Employees team up to volunteer, serve and make a difference in the Greater Omaha Area. Take a peek into events from 2018 and what’s in store for 2019!

Honoring heroes

Wreaths Across America

RTG has partnered with this nonprofit to ensure at least 500 wreaths are laid on a veteran’s grave. Our team volunteers at the Memorial Cemetery in Fremont and the Omaha National Cemetery. Two RTG employees and veterans of U.S. military, Scott Steffensmeier (Navy) and Zach Crosby (Marines), will participate in Omaha on Saturday, December 15th.

SwimMates New Pool 1.jpg

Fremont Family YMCA

The Fremont Family YMCA and RTG Medical launched SwimMates in January. The program teaches swimming lessons to first graders in the Fremont area. More than 450 first graders have graduated from the program from seven Fremont area elementary schools. Here’s an inside look at one of the swim lessons!


Special Olympics: Nebraska and Fremont teams

RTG Medical has become the first corporate sponsor for Nebraska’s Special Olympics Team. Nearly 70 athletes and coaches traveled to Seattle for the National Games. Five athletes at that competition were from the Special Olympics Fremont Team. RTG’s sponsorship helped cover travel costs, uniforms, and incidentals for all athletes. Fremont athlete Wyatt Spalding spoke on behalf of both the Special Olympics Nebraska and Fremont teams on how the organization helped make an impact on his life.


Nebraska & Dodge County Humane Society

Tens of thousands of animals have come through our local humane society’s doors. RTG partners with both the Nebraska and Dodge County Humane Society. This incredible organization provides each animal with dental exams, necessary surgeries and any needed medication in hopes the animals get a second chance and become adopted. RTG’s partnership with NHS included donations of two large, washable dog or cat houses filled with medical supplies along with a donation check from RTG employees. In Fremont, the Dodge County Humane Society helps thousands of stray animals from the Fremont and surrounding area throughout the year.

Folds of Honor 2018

Folds of Honor

RTG Medical’s newest community partner, Folds of Honor, provides educational scholarships to spouses and children of fallen and disabled service-members. RTG is driven to support their mission: “Honor Their Sacrifice. Educate Their Legacy.” In 2019, RTG employees will provide more than $14,000 in scholarships.

All of these organizations truly care about the communities they serve and RTG Medical is proud to play a part in the difference these nonprofits make. Stay tuned for updates throughout 2019 on how RTG is making a difference in the Omaha and Fremont communities!

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