Working a travel assignment with friends

If you’ve become friends with other healthcare travelers while on assignment, it is possible to travel with them again in the future. It is possible for your recruiter to find you and your friend jobs at the same facility, and other times they can find you jobs at different facilities but in the same area. Flexibility is the key to making this work!

Traveling with a friend can make for a great experience. You’ll always have someone to grab a bite at the local restaurant with and someone to split housing with. First, make sure you communicate with both your friend and recruiter. Here are some tips on working a travel assignment with friends.

Set expectations

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure your and your friend’s expectations are clear. Your recruiter should also know your expectations. Recruiters will inform you of their capabilities and limitations. It is important for everyone to be on the same page. Make sure you are open about your dates, working at the same facility or at different facilities, and having different shifts. 

Keep in touch with your recruiter

Communication with your recruiter is always important, but it is even more so when planning trips with other healthcare travelers. Recruiters are on your side and want to make sure you both get your needs and expectations met, but they can’t do that unless you’re constantly in communication with them about what you want.

Be flexible

The key to success here is flexibility. Setting your sights on a specific facility and job will make this more difficult. By narrowing your specifics, you will narrow your options. You may end up both being able to fulfill a need for travelers at the same facility, but you could also live in the same place and work at different locations. While you might be able to get similar shifts in the same unit, being flexible will be more beneficial to you both.

Weigh the options

It’s best to come to your recruiter with many places you’d like to travel to. If they have a variety of cities to choose from, they are more likely to find similar jobs in the same location at the same time. Your recruiter will have more options to work with if you provide them with more options.

Have patience

A key component of success is patience. Setting up two or more friends takes longer than setting up one traveler going on assignment. The process is doable, but it takes a bit longer. Trust that your recruiter is doing what they can, and if everyone is patient the process will go smoother.

Travel with your fellow healthcare travelers

If you’re ready to go on an adventure with your healthcare friends, don’t let anything hold you back and get going today. RTG Medical’s recruiters are here to help you find the perfect assignment. There’s an abundance of places and things to experience! Contact us today to get started.

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