Managing anxiety in an ever-changing field

It can be difficult to manage your anxiety as a traveling healthcare professional constantly on the go. During the holiday season, you may find yourself more stressed than normal, with work, holiday shopping, planning trips, or finding time for yourself. Even though you love your job and are looking forward to your upcoming assignments, you can still experience anxiety.

As is, your career choice isn’t the most structured profession, you go to different places constantly, and your job responsibilities are constantly changing. Being anxious about this doesn’t mean you don’t meet amazing people and get to experience unique places. So, how can you best keep up with your traveling healthcare jobs and manage your stress? Here are some tips!

Common stressors for healthcare travelers

Being a healthcare traveler requires a great deal of adaptability. Due to the shortage of healthcare professionals all over, those who are working are sometimes overworked. 60% of nurses and other healthcare professionals report that the insufficient staffing, unmanageable workloads and emotional toll of their job has made them reconsider their profession since the pandemic began. Stress can also be caused by working away from home and meeting new bosses and colleagues all the time.

Find somebody to support you

It is important to have a support system that will stand by you no matter what. Possibly a family member,  a close friend, or even a fellow traveler you have met along the way. You can rely on your coworkers, but having someone consistent you can count on is also important. If things get tough at work, find a coworker you can trust, but also have someone you can talk to at home when things get tough. Seeing a therapist may be helpful if your anxiety has become unmanageable.

Make your health a priority

Maintaining your health is of the utmost importance. Drink plenty of water, eat all the right foods, get a good amount of sleep, exercise regularly and participate in self-care activities. Get a breath of fresh air whenever and however you can. Various foods can give you energy throughout the day and maintain your sleep quality at night, such as greek yogurt, whole grains, beans, cherries and avocados. 

Take breaks

Take a step back if you need to. Identify when you feel anxious and take steps to restore your calm. You may have heard that you have to first love yourself before you can be loved, and in the same way, you have to be at your best to provide your patients with the best. Let yourself take a break or go for a walk outside.

Pursue a hobby

It has been proven that hobbies reduce stress. A study found that those who engage in hobbies are 34% less stressed. Take part in something you enjoy doing, or try something new and interesting. There are many great hobbies you can choose from, including baking, reading, writing, painting, gardening, taking care of houseplants, dancing, photography, knitting, crocheting or sewing, camping, shopping, and exercising.

Prepare for your future traveling healthcare jobs

We are here to help you at RTG Medical. We want you to prioritize your health so you can give your best through each assignment. There are many perks to becoming a healthcare traveler, but it can become overwhelming at times. Managing your anxiety with your traveling healthcare jobs is the key to success. Contact us to get going with your next assignment!

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