Why work a holiday travel assignment

Some traveling healthcare professionals may opt to take some time off and stay home for the holidays, but others may see this as an opportunity to grow financially and fill in the gaps that are created when permanent med staff take time off. One exciting benefit about being a healthcare traveler is you get to choose whether you work during the holidays or not.

You may find that your contract will overlap with Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s, and you can agree to work that or not. There may also be the option to work a contract, but have a bit of time off for the holidays similar to the permanent med staff. You will have to discuss that with your recruiter and the facility during the interviewing process.

As one of your travel healthcare companies, RTG Medical wanted to give you some advice on helping you choose which is best for you!

Benefits of working a holiday travel assignment

There are often added benefits to working holiday assignments, including more assignment options, increased holiday pay and an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Due to the extended holiday season, regular facility staff take more time off, leaving an opening. During the holidays, hospitals are also busier due to a higher incidence of injuries.

Holiday pay often includes overtime and travel bonuses. Having a clear understanding of how much more you would make, and confirming it’s what’s right for you, requires extensive research and discussion with your recruiter. It is always possible to work during the holidays and celebrate at a later date. The holidays are a good time to be close to your family if your permanent home is away from them. Traveling somewhere warmer during these colder months is also an option if you live somewhere cold.

How to enjoy the holidays while working

There are many ways to feel at home while working during the holidays. Choose a travel family. This can either be your coworkers, new friends you meet during your assignment or your fellow travelers. No matter whom you choose, you can celebrate holiday traditions with these new people. Celebrating before or after the holidays is also an option. You can have Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks before with your family at home, or you could open presents with your family on a day other than Christmas.

Getting festive is another way to keep your spirits up. Decorating the facility boosts your and your patients’ moods. Adopting a grateful mindset will help you continue to enjoy the holidays, even in a different way.

Your travel healthcare companies care 

Working as a healthcare professional is never easy, especially during the holidays. It can be increasingly hard where there are talent shortages staffing medical professionals at travel healthcare companies. You might find that there is still a good adventure to be had being on assignment during the holidays. Contact us to further discuss your options!

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