Resume tips for healthcare travelers

It’s important for healthcare travelers to have a strong resume. Adding assignments in every state to your resume can be tedious, and you’d have to update it every 13 weeks even if you did! Let’s look at some tips for keeping up with it all and making your resume stand out. Here are the basics, why you should emphasize your adaptability and how to update your resume.

The basics

The ideal length of any resume is short, sweet and to the point. Recruiters can contact you easily if you have a header with your contact information at the top. You can then flow into your summary. If you have done any committee work or volunteered in your career, be sure to include that as well, as that will set you apart from the competition.

Recruiters are busy and oftentimes scan resumes rather than reading each detail. One thing you can do to make sure yours shines through is use keywords in your summary that immediately highlight your experience, specialties and computer skills. All of your certifications and licenses should be included, as healthcare travelers need them to perform their duties.

Work history is important. Is it possible to fit all your assignments into one page? Your resume shows you’ve been traveling as a healthcare professional for some time. Keep your education as basic as the institution you graduated from and when. Describe each assignment on your resume as simply as possible by providing the what, when, where and a brief description.

Highlight your adaptability

This is huge for healthcare travelers. As someone traveling from state to state and working in different facilities for a 13-week period, you need to be adaptable. You’re constantly being introduced to new permanent med staff and essentially working tons of new jobs. Be sure to highlight this. Personality traits such as flexibility, adaptability and teamwork are highly valued by employers.

When it comes to updating it

It’s best to get in the habit of updating your resume after each assignment. Organize everything chronologically, starting with your most recent job. You can also consider having an online resume on a platform such as LinkedIn that can include more details about each assignment than a one-page resume can fit. Then you can direct employers to that resume from the one-page paper or pdf one.

Keep going on adventures

RTG Medical wants to ensure your resume is ready to go so that you can get your dream position! Our recruiters are more than willing to look over your resume and assist you in perfecting it. We know that a good resume gets you even closer to the position you want. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today!

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