What to do if your pay is cut during your assignment

Pay cuts have increased as the staffing demand in hospitals and other healthcare facilities has decreased since Covid-19. However, it can still come as a shock when your pay gets cut mid-assignment. You and your recruiter negotiated and agreed on a contract, so what happened?

If your pay does get cut midway through your contract, you will be notified by either your recruiter or the head of the top healthcare travel company you’re currently working at. It is unlikely that they will cut your pay without telling you, but it’s important to keep track of your hours so that if you notice a mishap in your paycheck, you can pinpoint where exactly it happened. We hope it never happens, but if it does, here’s what to do!

Contact your recruiter

Your recruiter may have already reached out to you with the news. You will want to keep in contact with them to help decide what you should do now, as your recruiter can help figure out what opportunities are available. If you’re more than halfway through your 13-week assignment, it might be best to stick it out with the decreased pay, depending on how much it was cut by. If you’re just starting to get accumulated with where you are though, you likely have the option to find a new contract with better pay.

Recruiters can also help you determine if there are any other contacts in the same or close by that pay more; sometimes pay cuts are across all facilities, not just one. Additionally, they can help you decide whether starting over in a new place is worth the effort.

Find out the reason why

Find out exactly when your pay is changing so that you know how long you have to decide whether to stay or leave. Then, know the standard rate for your position and the location you are in. You can then see what other jobs in the area are paying; some might be similar, others might be higher or lower.

Look at the pros and cons

It is important to consider all of the factors. Does moving to a different location make sense? What are the new standards in this industry and are there other jobs with higher rates? How will this cut affect your budget for the duration of your contract? Do you like your current job, your coworkers and your patients? How does this affect your career? Will your pet be able to travel to a new area so quickly?

Make the next move

Once you have considered all your options with the help of your recruiter, it’s time to move forward. You can either accept the pay cut and finish the contract, or decline it and end the contract. You will likely have to sign some paperwork either confirming or denying the pay cut.

Continue working with the top healthcare travel companies

RTG Medical is here to help you throughout each and every contract. It’s important to stay positive. You didn’t do anything wrong, sometimes the healthcare industry or related organizations have to make pay cuts for a variety of reasons. You can always find another assignment out there through one of the top healthcare travel companiesContact us or your recruiter today if you have any questions or concerns.

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