Driving vs. flying to your next assignment

After you have all your ducks in a row for your next assignment, you will need to decide whether you want to drive or fly. There are pros and cons to both driving and flying. You should consider whether you will be traveling with a pet, where you will be going, the amount of money you will be receiving in your travel stipend and your own personal preferences when choosing a destination. Travel medical staffing agencies, such as RTG Medical, can help you decide which is best!

Driving to your assignment

Healthcare professionals most often prefer to drive over flying when working for travel medical staffing agencies. Here are some pros of driving to your assignment:

You’ll have your car with you to get around. There will be no worries about getting to and from work, the grocery store or the bank. You will need a way to get around on your own, especially if you are going to a small town without public transportation.

You can take more things with you. Most contracts are 13 weeks, and some find it difficult to fit that many weeks worth of clothes and necessities in their carry-on or checked bag. When you drive, you have your whole car to fill with things you might want or need with you.

You can make a fun road trip out of it. Have you always wanted to visit a National Park? Driving to your destination gives you the option of stopping at all sorts of interesting places along the way.

You can bring company. If you’re interested in bringing somebody along on your next assignment, whether it be your family, a friend, significant other or pet, driving could be the right choice. Driving together could make for a fun adventure with your family or friends, and it’s much easier to travel with pets in a car. Plus, having someone to accompany you on the trip is always nice.

Flying to your assignment

Although there are many benefits in driving to your assignment, there’s also plenty of good that can come from flying. Here are a few pros of flying to your assignment:

Flying gets you to the destination quicker. Flying is faster, especially if road trips aren’t your favorite thing. With driving you have to be wary that a flat tire or another roadside problem could occur, and you don’t have to worry about any of that if you are flying. Flight delays and cancellations are most of the time easier to handle than car trouble.

Many places have public transportation. Rather than having to rent a car or ship your car, many big cities offer public transportation. Plus, you wouldn’t want the burden of your car being with you in a big city like New York.

You can still enjoy day trips. When you drive, you can stop and see places along the way, but when you fly, you can still take a day off to visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to. You can take an Uber or rent a car for a day, if needed.

Begin your adventure with RTG Medical

Whether you choose to drive or fly, your adventure awaits! If you still need help deciding, we’re here to help. Feel free to ask your recruiter at your travel medical staffing agency their opinion on which might be best for this assignment, especially if you’re new to being a traveling healthcare professional. If you have any more questions, contact us today!

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