Useful tech for traveling healthcare professionals

It seems that everywhere we go, we are surrounded by an abundance of technology and it can sometimes be overwhelming. But with so much technology at your fingertips comes many perks for traveling healthcare professionals. There is a lot of travel-related technology available to you, and as your healthcare travel agency, we want to make sure our travelers are not only able to reap all the benefits of traveling and practicing healthcare, but also utilize the travel technology that’s available to them.

When you are packing for your next travel assignment, it’s easy to forget the items that would enhance your traveling experience. You may not have considered helpful apps that can make your life as a traveling nurse, therapist, pharmacist, CNA, or other healthcare professional easier. Most of these things are inexpensive, and you might already have them laying around your house. And, if you don’t already have these apps downloaded, they can quickly and easily be downloaded to your phone or electronic device.

Top tech for your healthcare travel agency

Among the usual essentials you’re packing, it can be easy to forget little things like noise-canceling headphones, an eBook, and even a chargeable cooler. Below are a few gadgets to have with you that will make you feel like a travel tech pro.

Noise-canceling headphones

First and foremost, flying can be a treacherous experience if you forget noise-canceling headphones. Sometimes you get stuck by the loudest part of the plane, next to a crying baby, or you have a long layover in a loud airport. Be completely able to zone into your favorite music or podcast. Even if you’re taking a train, you might want to be able to drown out the outside noise so you can hear your music better or take a nap.

Tablet or eBook

A tablet or eBook, such as a Kindle, gives you access to all your favorite books. Feel free to bring paper books, but this way you can bring several books with no added weight. 

Luggage tracker

If you’re flying, a luggage tracker is a must! Sometimes there is a mix up, and you cannot avoid your luggage getting misplaced. With a luggage tracker, if it does get lost while transferring planes, you can have a bit more peace of mind knowing where it is. 


It’s likely that your smartphone already has a built-in GPS, but if you plan to do an activity like hiking in your down time you may have limited service. Having a handheld GPS may be in your best interest, to ensure you always know where you are at and where you are going, especially when on an adventure in a new place.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

If you do plan on hiking, you might want to bring a waterproof bluetooth speaker with you. That way you’ll have access to music and podcasts to listen to while adventuring. It can also be nice to have access to a speaker in the place that you are staying during your assignment. 

A chargeable cooler

A chargeable cooler is amazing for long road trips, especially if you don’t want to stop for fast food. If you’re concerned about nutrition, you can also pack healthy snacks in it, without having to worry about ice or how to keep them cool. If you want to bring any fresh fruit, vegetables, or dairy products with you on your trip, they’ll store well in a chargeable cooler. 

Must have apps for healthcare professionals on the road

Among these items, there are several apps that you’ll want to check out. Medscape gives you access to immediate answers; use it to get the latest medical news and to learn about procedures and conditions. Code Happy can be used to connect with other traveling healthcare professionals and give and get support from those that may be experiencing the same or similar situations as you. Osito can keep you organized and connect with other apps on your phone to remind or notify you of certain things. Tripomatic enables you to explore must-sees in the new city you’re in. Pill Identifier is a helpful app for healthcare professionals. You can insert a description of a pill and it tells you what it could be.

Whether you’re new to the healthcare traveler life or have been a part of it for a while, these essential technology tools and apps are sure to assist you in all the ways you need. We would love to help you on your next travel adventure, contact us at RTG Medical today!

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