How to best fit in with the permanent med staff

Once you’ve chosen from the many travel healthcare companies, have been paired with a recruiter, and are onto your next assignment, you might be wondering how exactly you’re going to fit in. It can be difficult to fit in with the permanent medical staff as a traveling healthcare professional. You’re constantly on the go from assignment to assignment, but you’ll be more comfortable if you make some friends along the way. A simple gesture and being openly positive can go a long way.

It is likely that the permanent medical staff have already formed numerous bonds, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t welcome to forming a relationship with you while you’re there. We wanted to give you some best practices on not only how to fit in, but also how to make the most of your current assignment.

Connect by reaching out, attending events, and making an investment

If you enjoy meeting new people, you might not struggle at all. Regardless, taking note of some of these useful tips can be beneficial to you. Once you put yourself out there, you’re sure to see it come back in a fulfilling way. Ask someone to grab coffee with you or see if anyone wants to get lunch. Since you are already going to be exploring the city or local nature hot spots, ask if anyone wants to join. They might even offer to show you some of their favorite spots.

Check bulletin boards and be in the know about upcoming events, such as a work happy hour. It’s nice to have time to yourself, but a quick drink in a non-work atmosphere with some new coworkers is a successful way to form friendships. Asking open-ended questions is a great way to engage in conversation both at work and at an outing. 

Be respectful and willing to pitch in when necessary

You might have some good ideas to improve the facility you’re at, and although leaving your unique mark is important, try to avoid giving any unsolicited advice. Many won’t see that as, “Oh they have a wonderful idea to make this run more efficiently.”Rather, it will come across as negative, and you will end up alienating yourself.

But remember, you are where you’re at because this place needs your skill set. If you see a way you can jump in and help, go for it. That will come across more positively and the permanent medical staff is sure to see it as you assisting in a positive way. This is a great way to earn trust and contribute to the team. You are there temporarily, but you don’t have to act like it’s temporary. 

Travel healthcare companies are here to help you succeed

If you leave your assignment feeling inspired and like you’ve left your mark, congrats – you understood the assignment. It’s exciting to be in a new city, with new opportunities, and to have the chance to grow professionally and personally. You all share the same goal; taking care of your patients as a team. When you put your best attitude and foot forward, you’re sure to succeed.

Working with travel healthcare companies can be rewarding in many ways. If you’re interested in becoming a traveling healthcare professional, RTG Medical is here to support your next adventure. Reach out to us today to discuss your career opportunities on becoming a traveling CNA, nurse, radiologist, therapist, pharmacist, or laboratory professional.

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