Healthcare Traveler Food Guide (Major Cities)

You’re in a new city and craving something delicious. What is great about being a traveling healthcare professional with medical staffing travel agencies is that you get to try new foods in different cities quite often. We want to offer some tips and tricks when it comes to finding good food while on your assignment. Here are seven major cities where travel nurses can find some great eats. 

Seattle, Washington

Seattle has a vibrant food scene not many are aware of. Located in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find tons of locally sourced food in restaurants coming from forests, waters, and even fresh produce from Pike’s Place Market.Have you ever tried a hotdog smothered in cream cheese and grilled onions? Try one at Pike’s Place or Capitol Hill. Geoduck is another Seattle staple, you can find this giant clam at Taylor Shellfish and Lam’s Seafood. Teriyaki from Toshi’s Teriyaki Grill and Grillbird Teryaki is a must if you love this speciality. Are you a sushi lover? You’ll want to hit Shiro Kashiba for fresh edomae-style sushi. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new in Seattle.

Portland, Oregon

Feeling homesick? If you’re ever thinking about home while out on your traveling assignment in Portland, luckily you are in the capital  of genuine home-cooking. If you’re in the mood for locally brewed beers, coffee, salmon, or ice cream, Portland will happily dine you. If you’ve been craving barbecue, don’t miss out on Eem, where you’ll find burnt-end brisket curry and baby-back ribs with a Thai twist. Need a glass of wine after a long day? Try OK Omens, a local favorite for wine. Nostrana is a must if you want an amazing slice of pizza. The Portland food scene will make you feel right at home.

Chicago, Illinois

Everyone knows that Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza and hotdogs. But where do you go to get the best ones? How about trying a few on this list, 20 best places to find a hot dog in the city, or a few of these, 25 pizza restaurants you must try. Along with the chic locations in the city, you’ll find some Michelin-starred restaurants if you’re looking for something a bit fancier. These Midwest food jives are sure to warm your heart up.

New York, New York

You will find just about every type of food in New York City, including Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Chinese, Vegan, Mexican, and Sushi. If you need a quick bite, grab a hot dog at a street stand, or a $1 slice of New York Style pizza around just about every corner of the city. If you’re hungry for a super yummy sandwich, be sure to visit Katz Deli. If you’re hungry for something a bit more upscale, try Los Mariscos in the Chelsea Market or Wildare in the Lower East Side. You are  sure to find the best foodie spots in New York by just taking a walk around the city.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is home to local crawfish, beignets, gumbo, and Po-Boys. Food is the culture behind New Orleans, and although you’re here because of your medical staffing travel agency, you can let your inner foodie out. You’ll need to try one of the 18 restaurants serving the best gumbo. Domilise’s located in Uptown is your go-to place for Po-Boys. If you’re hungry for crawfish, definitely try Barrow’s. You are sure to find something delicious with the Creole inspired cuisine New Orleans has to offer. 

Austin, TX

Austin is known for its Tex-Mex and barbecue, but you can also find burgers, pizzas, and cocktails. Franklin’s Barbeque is a must if you love barbecue. Salty Sow in East Austin is a great place if you’re in the mood for American Gastro Pub food. Indulge in a great take on tapas at Barlata on South Lamar. If you’re going for more of a bar vibe, Parkside on 6th Street is sure to please you. Whatever you’re craving, Austin’s restaurant scene will leave you with a full and satisfyed stomach.

San Francisco, California

In San Francisco, you’ll find the use of local ingredients feeding into chef’s passions. It’s hard to find something that is not farm-to-table in San Fran. You’ll find fresh salads, mission-style burritos, and soup dumplings. You’ll also find amazing sandwiches at Lucca Delicatessen, and seafood at Sotto Mare. You’ll find no better way to take part in this interesting food scene than to adventure in your free time in San Francisco.

Let your inner foodie out while traveling with medical staffing travel agencies

We hope you’ll be able to take a seat, settle down, and experience some great food cultures while on your traveling assignment. Being a traveling healthcare professional can be exhausting, but also rewarding. You deserve to take a little break and enjoy trying some new food, or maybe a new twist on a classic you already love. 

If the perks of being a traveling professional aren’t already exciting enough, indulging in different food in new cities is sure to spark an interest. If you’ve been wanting to travel, choose RTG Medical. We’ll pair you with a recruiter to find the perfect assignment for you. Contact us today.

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