How to become a traveling CNA

There is the misconception that only nurses can become traveling healthcare professionals. The truth is that most healthcare professionals can travel when they partner up with a healthcare travel agency, like RTG Medical. One of these professions is certified nursing assistant or CNA. 

A certified nursing assistant helps patients with direct health care needs, sometimes under the supervision of a nurse. These professionals are currently in high demand across the country, which has increased the open positions for travel CNAs. 

Do you want to learn how you can work for one of the best traveling CNA agencies? Our team has created this helpful guide on how you can become a traveling certified nurse assistant.

Why you should become a traveling CNA

Although being a stationary CNA has its benefits. Many individuals still decide to become traveling CNAs, so they can do what they love and see the world. Becoming a traveling CNA allows you to visit new cities and meet new people. 

Another benefit of becoming a traveling CNA includes flexibility. So you get to choose the periods you get to work. You can take a break before starting your next assignment. Other benefits include career growth opportunities and high pay rates.

CNA requirement for travel

Before  starting your career as a traveling CNA, you must meet a few CNA requirements. The first requirement is that you have your CNA education requirements and certifications. Every state requires different things, but essentially it is a state-approved training program. 

After completing the course, you must complete the CNA certification, a written or oral exam that demonstrates where students show their ability to perform specific tasks. To get a job as a traveling CNA, you must have worked at least one year in that specialty and hold a CNA license. 

How to choose one of the best traveling CNA agencies for you

The next step in becoming a travel CNA is choosing a healthcare travel agency. There are different traveling healthcare agencies around the country, but not all of them provide travel jobs for CNAs. That is why it is important to do research and find an agency that does. 

When choosing a healthcare travel agency, make sure you look for an experienced and reputable one. It is also important to research which locations the agency offers and see if they provide the places you would like to work at. When looking for a traveling healthcare agency, one very important aspect to consider is the recruiter and traveler experience. 

For example, at RTG Medical, we pair our travelers with a single recruiter throughout their traveling process. By pairing you with just one recruiter, we ensure a streamlined experience and efficient approach from profile submissions to placement. They will do everything from negotiating pay packages to conflict resolution. This helps avoid being passed from one department to the next. 

Are you looking for one of the best traveling CNA agencies?

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