How to choose a healthcare travel agency

Have you decided that becoming a traveling healthcare professional is the right career move? Then, your next step should be starting your search for a travel healthcare agency. When you Google for travel healthcare companies, you’ll get many choices. 

With so many options, picking a healthcare travel agency can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to this industry. Our team wants to share some advice on choosing a travel healthcare agency and why you should choose RTG Medical as your traveling partner.

Research their experience and reputability

When looking for a healthcare travel agency, the first step you should take is doing research. You want to look for an agency that is reputable and experienced. Choosing an experienced healthcare travel agency will ensure your travels go as smoothly as possible. 

Do not just base your decision on what is on their website. It would be best to expand your research to what other people have to say. Here are some things you should include in your research:

  • Check to see if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • Read their online reviews on Google and Facebook
  • See what awards they have won 

Check out which locations they offer 

A primary reason many people decide to become traveling healthcare professionals is to travel. They want the opportunity to explore new cities and meet new people. So when looking for a healthcare agency, make sure to see which locations they offer. 

It is important to note that not all agencies offer the same opportunity. The best travel healthcare companies, like RTG Medical, will have a wide variety of locations. At RTG Medical, we specialize in working with large and small facilities, ranging from critical access to university hospital settings.

Consider what the recruiter and traveler relationship is like

When working for a healthcare agency, the recruiter will be your main point of contact, career navigator, and give you travel tips for healthcare professionals.

So when you start contacting agencies, consider how the recruiter treats you. It would be best if you asked yourself these questions:

  • Does the recruiter make a personal connection?
  • When you call, are they friendly and caring?
  • Are you being switched between recruiters?

Look at their benefits

When looking for a healthcare travel agency, you should consider the benefits and packages. Make sure that they provide the benefits that fit your needs. Not getting the benefits you need will cause you anxiety down the road. You want to make sure to ask:

  • If you will get assistance with housing?
  • Do you get paid leave?
  • Will you get travel insurance?

One unique thing about RTG Medical is that you get one recruiter through your entire traveling journey. This recruiter will become your main point of contact for everything from traveling assignments to payroll. Our agency follows this method to ensure your whole travel experience goes smoothly.

Are you ready to work for one of the best travel healthcare companies?

Then, let RTG Medical become your traveling partner. We recruit nursing, radiology, therapy, pharmacy and laboratory professionals to work in facilities in all 50 states. Contact us to get started today.

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