Winter Is Coming. Time To Travel!

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a “Polar Coaster” this winter, and guess what?

You don’t need to hop on!

As a healthcare professional, you are in a unique position; unlike a typical 8-5 Monday through Friday job, you can move! That means dodging terrible seasons at a time.


The Skinny


At RTG Medical, we match you with a job and destination you’ll love! As a traveler, your assignment is on average 13 weeks long. That’s about three months… AKA a season! If you love that location, we can help you stay there longer! If you want another change of scenery, we can also make that happen.

Breckenridge, CO.jpg

The Takeaway


If you’re from Nebraska or the Midwest, you know winter is no joke. It brings special things like wind, ice, rain and snow.

Newsflash: As a healthcare professional, you can love your job and the weather.

So, if you’re not thrilled about waiting in line for the “Polar Coaster” this year, hop out of it and find the┬áride of your life — somewhere warmer.


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