The Travel Nurse Power Couple

Meet Dustin and Crista Akins — a travel nursing duo crossing the country with their 19-month-old son Leo.


After they got married, they worked at the University of New Mexico Hospital for a few years where Dustin was an adult progressive care nurse and Crista was a pediatric ICU nurse. During their time in Albuquerque, Crista started to catch the travel bug — but at the time, adventures didn’t seem possible.


Crista had used all of her paid time off from her maternity leave and Dustin was finishing his bachelors degree, so they didn’t have any free time to travel.

That’s when Crista started looking into travel nursing and connected with Cory at RTG Medical.

“He has been fabulous to work with!” Crista said.


So far, it’s been smooth sailing! Cory (their recruiter) said, “We are truly lucky to have them on board with RTG!”

The Akins family has travelled to Phoenix, Arizona, and now, they are on their second contract in Tacoma, Washington. So far, they’ve been on the road for nearly a year.


“We have found that there are amazing people no matter where you go, and so far, this experience has been truly priceless.”

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