The Nursing Nomad

Camille T. has a long bucket list, but after traveling with RTG Medical, it’s getting a lot shorter.

She’sĀ been an OR Nurse for 14 years, and right now, she’s on assignment in California.


For four years, she’s traveled with RTG Medical, and she’s “very thankful” for travel nursing as it gives her “the freedom to be in three bucket list destinations in three days!”

Just this week, she’s been in San Diego and New Orleans!


As most traveling healthcare professionals, Camille’s day can always change. But she says, typically she has a morning meeting, works on a case schedule and is responsible for patients’ medications, charts and post-op.


Camille has been traveling to each assignment in her mini home — her RV. She’s able to eat, sleep and — of course — travel to her next bucket list destination and assignment.

“We wouldn’t be able to do all we do without travel nursing,” she said.


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