Travel Therapists Tell Us Why They Chose to Travel

We could sit here and tell you all day why traveling as a medical professional is an incredible way to gain experience, but we thought we’d let some of our PT travelers tell you for themselves. Learn why they began traveling in the first place and what they’ve learned from their experiences!

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Michelle Seck – Creighton University Graduate
I’m a Creighton Graduate and have been traveling since I took my boards (with the exception of a one year residency).  My family did not travel much when I was growing up, so after graduation I wanted to move somewhere fun for a short time before moving back home to settle down.  I had not decided where I wanted to go and two weeks before graduation RTG Medical came to Creighton over lunch and discussed the life of a traveler. I was sold! I’ve enjoyed exploring the country during the weekends of my assignments while experiencing different OP ortho settings during the week, so when I do head home I’ll know exactly what type of clinic I would like to work in.  My recruiter has been great about finding solely OP Ortho clinics in different locations since I know that is the area I enjoy working in the most.  At RTG I talk to one person about everything (housing, desired location, clinic setting, etc) and all the arrangements are made.  I arrive to the address provided by my recruiter and whether it is a hotel or a furnished apartment I am expected and everything promised is waiting there.  I’ve enjoyed traveling and experiencing different places over the years.  Plus, my parents visit me at least once during each assignment, so they have been able to enjoy some traveling as well.

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Jaclyn DiGiacomo – Creighton University Graduate
During my clinicals, I had worked at facilities that had traveling therapists there so I knew the opportunity existed.  I had plans to move to Chicago but knew I needed an income before I was able to make the move.  I had contacted several agencies and then got introduced to RTG Medical through a Recruiter that visited the campus.  I liked the way they operated and how they offered me a more personable experience.  I have to admit that I was apprehensive at first.  I didn’t know how facility employees would act towards temporary employees, but when I started on my first assignment I didn’t notice any difference at all in how I was viewed.  They treated me as if I had taken the job as a permanent therapist.

I had a contract for my first assignment about a week after graduation and started the week after.  I worked there for 4 months and am now working through RTG Medical in Chicago.  My experience with RTG Medical has been all I’ve expected it to be!

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Maryrose Puglia – 2008 Marquette University Graduate
I never thought I would be the type of person to travel.  The thought of working away from my family scared me.  However, after completing 2 clinical experiences away from my hometown Chicago, I realized traveling is something I wanted to give a shot.  I decided to take a permanent position in Florida for a year first to gain some experience, then quit my job and started looking for travel positions with a fellow PT friend of mine.  We worked with a few different travel agencies to start, with poor outcomes.  After driving half-way across the country for a job, only to be told that we were no longer needed, I knew I had to find a travel company I could trust.  I contacted an old co-worker/friend of mine that I knew had been traveling and asked for his advice.  He guided me to work with Keli Koepke at RTG Medical and have been very pleased.  Keli took the time to listen to my current situation and ensured that he would try to help in any way possible!

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