Fly Fishing, Collaborating, & Managing Adrenaline: Life as a Traveling Surgical Technologist

Celeste Fly Fishing

Surgical Technologists Week is celebrated the third week in September each year. Surg Techs ensure the operating room runs efficiently and puts the safety of their patients first. They’ve even been referred to as the backbone of the OR. Surgical Technologist is just one of the many specialties RTG Medical staffs all across the country and we’re celebrating them this entire week.

To learn more about what draws someone to this profession, we recently spoke with a surgical technologist who began traveling this year. Celeste C. is currently on assignment in Midland, Texas, and shared what she enjoys most about her career.

“I always hear people say, ‘to help other people’ to this question. Although it is true for me too, it’s more of the physiology and adrenaline behind healthcare that drew me in. I like being in a chaotic situation, having to stay calm and to think and act swiftly to provide the best possible care and seeing what the body is capable of doing.”

There is a social side to the job that has appealed to Celeste as well of which has helped her grow professionally.

“It’s been awesome to go to an unfamiliar place not knowing a single soul and coming out with some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I also enjoy getting exposed to different techniques and processes within each operating room,” she shared.

It was earlier this year when Celeste began traveling with RTG Medical and senior recruiter Zach Crosby. As a traveling medical professional, open communication with your recruiter is vital for both parties to find success.

“I can’t stress enough how awesome it is to know I have someone that has my back. I genuinely feel like Zach is straight up with me and wants the best for me at all times. One of my most favorite things about Zach is he is always on top of things. He’s thorough and super communicable. I know if I ever need something, he’s right there whether by phone, text, or email. He said it best one day, ‘we are a team.’”

Of course, as a traveling surgical technologist, Celeste’s schedule isn’t all work and no play. In her free time, she enjoys fly fishing, competes in fitness competitions, and explores new places with friends she’s met while on assignment.

“My favorite part about the job initially was getting to explore a new city, but it quickly turned into making new friends. I traveled to Florida with two of the best friends I’ve ever had that I met here.”

To learn more about traveling as a surgical technologist with RTG Medical, visit our website.

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