Bullying in the Healthcare Workplace (Part II)

Bullying in the Healthcare Workplace (Part II)Bullying can occur anywhere and when it does, it can create a difficult environment to be in, especially for those who aren’t being bullied.

This is especially true in healthcare. Although the majority of nurses do not bully, if and when it happens, it can make a negative impact in the hospital environment, affecting not only co-workers, but patients as well. 

On Monday, we gave you some tips on what not to do if you ever find yourself or someone else being bullied. Today, we’re going to talk about what you should do. Take a look below:

Address the behavior immediately 

The moment bullying happens, it is best to address the problem immediately. We’re not necessarily talking about confronting the bully, but make sure that a manager or higher-up is aware that something is going. Hopefully, they will remedy the situation immediately and stop the bullying before it worsens.

It’s also a good idea to keep a record of what goes on, in the event that you have to file a report. Be sure to keep note of every detail possible such as the time, day, where it occurred, and who was around you when it occurred.

Have a friend nearby

Having the support of a friend may also help to deter bullying. Bullying typically occurs when a person feels like they have control over someone weaker than them. However, with a friend close by, the bully may be afraid to lash out, for fear of being outnumber or because they don’t want a witness who can validate the harassment.

Look out for others

Along with having the support of your friend, try your best to look out for others who are susceptible to bullying. Showing your support for others and creating a network of friends is a great way to prevent future bullying from occurring. In turn, this shows the bully that there is more than one person willing to stand up to them.

While bullying is an unfortunate occurrence in the healthcare industry, it is not an inevitable fact of the career. By taking these steps, you can help to create a better environment for you and the rest of your team, and stop the bullying before it turns from bad to worse.

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