Our Favorite Nursing Blogs: The Storytellers

Our Favorite Nursing Blogs--The StorytellersWith the dawn of the internet and social media, just about anyone can have their voice heard these days. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that there are quite a few nursing blogs around the web.

This week, we’re going to talk about a few nursing blogs that we think any nurse, or anyone thinking about becoming a nurse, should read. To make things easier, we’ve organized them by their style and substance.

To start, here are some of the nursing blogs we always find ourselves going back to:

The Storytellers

  • Head Nurse.
    Head Nurse is a very well written blog that touches on subjects ranging from the nurse’s personal life, to her many professional experiences as a nurse. Her style is very ‘in-your-face,’ with a nice touch of humor.
  • According to Kateri.
    According to Kateri is another blog that we really enjoy. Insightful and intelligent, Kateri’s frequently updated blog is a must-read. Her blog puts the outdated “dumb nurse” stereotype in its place.
  • Travel Nurse Aim
    This blog is right up our alley. Amy is a travel nurse, who is also a wife and mom. Her writing varies from advice on where and how to travel, to great personal insights on balancing her family life and her passion for nursing.
  • Nurse Ratched’s Place
    Nurse Ratched’s Place takes the Ratched stereotype and makes it her own. This blogger is definitely not afraid to step on the soapbox and let her feelings be known. Unfortunately, the blog hasn’t been updated since late 2012, but it’s definitely worth it to take a look back at what she has to say.
  • My Strong Medicine.
    My Strong Medicine follows the life of a male Acute Nurse practitioner and self-proclaimed CrossFit fanatic. We enjoy his blog for its mix of professional experience, personal insights, and health tips.

Nursing is a wonderful profession that brings all different kinds of people, which is why it’s so great to see the many different people sharing their stories and experiences that all have one common passion: caring for others.

On Wednesday, we’ll round off our series on nursing blogs with a few bloggers that we like to call “the advice givers.” In the meantime, what blogs do you find yourself reading frequently? Do you have a blog about your nursing experiences? Let us know in the comments or by connecting with us on Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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