Meet Senior Recruiter Keli Koepke

Meet Senior Recruiter Keli KoepkeThe next RTG Medical team member to be featured in our series of profiles is nine-year RTG veteran and senior recruiter Keli Koepke, who also spent two years of his RTG career as General Manager.

Keli is a wonderful example of how professionalism and experience can always be enhanced by a good sense of humor. 

You can take a look at our interview with Keli below:

RTG: What did you do before joining RTG?

Keli: I worked for a collection agency for two years. Then I started my own collection agency and ran that for two years. I was looking for something in a different industry entirely and wanted something where I could still feel like I was running my own business. The internal structure of RTG Medical interested me, and after a lunch with the COO, I decided to give it a try.

RTG: Is there a particularly sticky situation you’ve gotten a traveler out of?

Keli: There have been a LOT of situations with my travelers in the last nine years, but recently, I had a traveler call my cell phone on a Saturday afternoon saying that she had gotten to the corporate apartment we set up for her and found a pair of men’s underwear in her bed. This particular traveler has a great sense of humor, so after lots of jokes, we got her moved into a different apartment.

RTG: Outside of working for RTG, what is your favorite thing to do?

Keli: I’m completely in love with music and movies. I have a huge collection of both.

RTG: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Keli: Chocolate!

RTG: What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while working at RTG?

Keli: My first week here, someone across the wall from my desk threw me a piece of candy, but I wasn’t at my desk. It was a Hershey’s Kiss, and I didn’t notice it when I came back to my desk and sat back down. After about an hour of the chocolate melting all over the back of my pants, I got up to get a soda. The company VP happened to be walking by…That made for a great first week.

RTG: What do you like most about working with travelers?

Keli: I love traveling and new adventures myself, so I sort of get to live out my traveling lifestyle through the travelers I work with. Also, I take pride in getting to know the professionals I work with and building a relationship where we can be professional and still talk about things not related to work.

RTG: How does RTG distinguish itself from the competition?

Keli: Personal attention and honesty, and overall knowledge of what the marketplace is doing.

RTG: If you had to give one piece of advice to medical travelers, what would it be?

Keli: Don’t think that all recruiters are out to pull one over on you. Unfortunately, there are companies or recruiters that may try it, but that just means you need to find one that won’t. That’s easier said than done, but your gut instinct is usually right. If you’re feeling taken advantage of, find another recruiter or company.

You can reach any RTG Medical staffing specialist by calling 866-RTG-2DAY (784-2329).

If Keli sounds like the recruiter for you, you can email him directly at, or ask for extension 206 when you call the main number. And if you want to make friends fast, all you have to do is remember that Keli loves chocolate…just not on his chair!

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