“Scrubbing In”: Travel Nurses on TV?

Scrubbing In“They’re heartbreakers. They’re lifesavers. They’re fun seekers. MTV presents…Scrubbing In.”

You may have seen the trailer featuring this narrative–all for MTV’s new show.

We talked recently about the prevalence of medical dramas throughout the history of American television, but the portrayal of nurses on the small screen is about to take an interesting turn.

MTV’s latest reality series, “Scrubbing In,” follows a group of nine twenty-something travel nurses (six female and three male) doing a 12-week stint at a hospital in Orange County, California. Six of the nurses are new to travel nursing, like many nurses when they first start working for RTG Medical.

The series hasn’t actually debuted yet (its first episode airs on MTV next Thursday, October 24, at 9P.M. Central Time), but it’s already generated plenty of internet buzz among nurses.

There’s a lot of controversy around the show–protests range from scoffing at female nurses’ unrealistic on-the-job full makeup and going-out hair, to blazing indignation at the implication that young nurses party all night and report to work the next day. The early negative response to the trailer has even launched an online cancellation petition effort.

But reaction from the nursing community isn’t universally bad. Some nurses are saying that judgment should be reserved until the series actually airs. Others are speculating that because “Scrubbing In” will bring attention to the field of travel nursing, it could bring candidates to the profession who might not otherwise be aware of it as a career option.

Whether you’re looking forward to “Scrubbing In” or maybe just looking forward to hating it, no one can disagree that the series is already making an impression. We’ll just have to see if nurses Adrian, Chelsey, Chris, Crystal, Fernando, Heather, Michelle, Nikki and Tyrice (described in the network’s promotional material as “energetic, fearless and outgoing”) can keep us coming back for more.

Tell us what you think! Have you seen the trailer? Do you plan to watch? Will you write an angry letter to the producers, or would you jump at the chance to audition for “Scrubbing In 2”?

Photo credit: MTV

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