Meet Senior Recruiter Becky Sullivan

Meet Senior Recruiter Becky SullivanWe believe that RTG Medical’s recruiting team is among the best in the industry, and we’re proud to introduce Becky Sullivan as the next recruiter to be featured in our series of profiles.

Becky has years of experience in the medical recruiting industry, so although she joined RTG only three months ago, she’s already fitting in wonderfully.

Here’s what Becky had to say in our interview:

RTG: Why did you choose to leave another staffing firm to join RTG?

Becky: It was close to home and I had heard great things about RTG. We recognize that people are our biggest asset, so we let the people stay with the same recruiter the whole time they work with us.

RTG: What has made you a successful recruiter?

Becky: I care for my travelers. When they work for me, they become like family. I have sent cookies to them, and I am always sending them out treats for the holidays. I am very good at getting the employment info in a very timely to ensure a traveler can start on time and will not leave the hospital in a lurch.

RTG: What do you like best about working with travelers?

Becky: The variety. And getting to know people on the phone. I have learned that the travel industry is a roller coaster ride—there are times when it will be super busy and times that will be super slow. In this industry it is all about riding the waves and making relationships daily.

RTG: What advice you can give to travelers?

Becky: Get a copy of all of your paperwork and have it in a folder, so no matter where you go or what you do, you have it at your fingertips at any time. Also, don’t pigeonhole yourself to a (geographic) area. Be willing to experience new places! You never know where each experience will take you.

RTG: What’s life like for you outside of RTG?

Becky: I enjoy spending time with my family. My husband Dan and I have two boys, Connor (5) and Jack (2). We have two dogs, a terrier/lab mix named Stryker and a long-haired miniature dachshund named Shankly. I am also a certified athletic trainer and I like to help out taking care of athletes in my spare time. I also love to cook and bake, both great hobbies of mine.

You can reach an RTG Medical staffing specialist by calling 866-RTG-2DAY (784-2329). And you can connect directly with Becky by emailing her at or by asking for extension 227 at the number above. Hopefully you’ll be the next traveler to enjoy a batch of cookies or another of her homemade treats!

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