Meet Senior Recruiter Molli Graham

Meet Senior Recruiter Molli Graham

In honor of the upcoming Recruiter of the Year nomination deadline, we’re getting acquainted with some of the outstanding employees who exemplify how recruiters are the heart and soul of RTG Medical.

Molli Graham, now a senior recruiter, has been with us for three years and comes to RTG through the path of broadcast journalism, where she spent more than nine years as a field reporter.

RTG: What brought you to RTG?

Molli: After so many years in the news biz, it was time for something new. RTG Medical was a great way to transition into a new career and bring with me some awesome skills I learned from the many years in the field. To be a successful reporter, you need to be able to listen to people and really understand their stories. It’s one of my biggest assets as a medical recruiter, to be able to really sit down and listen to what my travelers are looking for in their assignments.

RTG: What are some of your interests and accomplishments outside of your career?

Molli: My free time is spent golfing with my husband, hiking with our two dogs, and just spending time with friends and family. I went through flight training in high school and college and received my private pilot’s license by the time I was 18 years old.

RTG: What’s the best thing about working for RTG?

Molli: It’s so cool to experience all of these geographical locations through the eyes of my travelers. I have a great team out in the field and I’m lucky enough to have built some close relationships where they’ll send me lots of pics of all of their super adventures.

RTG: What wisdom can you share with travelers?

Molli: My advice for travelers: Soak in all that you can in your new, but temporary, home. What an experience to be able to travel across the U.S. and get paid to do it!

RTG: What makes a good recruiter?

Molli: I can offer an ear 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s really important to me to be available to my staff. It can sometimes be scary to be put in a new environment with new co-workers and a new hospital, and especially relocating to a new city or state. With everything changing around you, it’s nice to know you can find stability and consistency in a recruiter who’s always available—that’s me!

There’s still time to nominate your favorite recruiter—Molli, perhaps—for Healthcare Traveler’s Recruiters of the Year! Fill out the online form by this Monday, October 7.

And if you’re ready to join RTG Medical, contact our staffing specialists to find out more: 866-RTG-2DAY (784-2329). If you’d like to work with Molli, email her at or call her at 866-784-2329 x225.

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