Recruiter Profiles: Cory Eikmeier, 2012 Recruiter of the Year

Cory EikmeierEvery year, ModernMedicine’s Healthcare Traveler digital magazine presents Recruiters of the Year, and it’s time for heathcare travelers to get their nominations in for 2013. All you have to do to nominate your favorite recruiter is to fill out a simple online form by next Monday, October 7.

We’re proud to say that, for seven years in a row, RTG Medical has been listed among the national honorees. Cory Eikmeier was not only the first RTG Medical recruiter to receive this honor (in 2006)—he’s also the most recent. Cory was named Recruiter of the Year for a second time in 2012.

Now a senior recruiter, Cory will celebrate his nine-year anniversary with RTG Medical next March. Let’s get to know him a little bit and see what makes him one of the best:

RTG: What did you do before joining RTG, and what brought you here?

Cory: I worked for another staffing company as a recruiter. I wanted to work here because of the challenge it was going to be to start the nursing department, and also the potential money I could make.

RTG: What do RTG medical travelers know you for?

Cory: I’m known for being honest and up front with the people I work with, and truly caring for them as individuals. I do what I say I’m going to do.

RTG: What do you like most about working with travelers?

Cory: Every day is a challenge and something new. I also get to experience different areas of the country through the eyes of my travelers without actually traveling there.

RTG: Outside of working for RTG, how do you spend your free time?

Cory: Hunting and playing sports. My favorite guilty pleasure is a good beer.

RTG: If you had to give one piece of advice to medical travelers–whether they’re going to their first assignment or finishing off their last placement–what would it be?

Cory: Your recruiter is who will make or break how your assignment goes. Travel with the recruiter you trust.

RTG: What has working as a recruiter taught you about the traveling medical industry?

Cory: It is very unpredictable and always changing.

RTG: How does RTG distinguish itself from the competition?

Cory: By focusing on developing long-term relationships and not just a single transaction. Also, by offering transparency.

Can’t wait to get started? If you’d like to connect with our outstanding RTG recruiters, contact us  to find out more: 866-RTG-2DAY (784-2329). And if you’d like to work directly with Cory himself, he can be reached directly at or (866) 784-2329 x214.

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