Taking Your First Peek at RTG Medical Travel Openings

Taking Your First Peek at RTG Medical Travel OpeningsWe know that not everyone who finds this blog is already associated with RTG Medical.

You may be an established medical professional flirting with the idea of putting your skills into practice all over the country as a traveler. Maybe you’re close to getting your degree or certification in your field and want to explore your career options. Or maybe you already work for a competitor and are quietly looking for a company that’s a better fit.

Here are a few comments we have on taking your first peek at RTG Medical travel openings:

  1. Check us out: No matter what your particular situation is, it’s okay with us if you’re here to check us out. We not only welcome it–we’ve even created a section on our website that lists hundreds of openings for you to browse (and you don’t even have to register). We’ve been in business since 2000 and have built great relationships with medical facilities all over the country. If you have a specific position or location in mind, all you have to do is access our simple search function, and it’s easy to get right to what you’re looking for.
  2. Our locations: We have several dozen openings listed in our home state of Nebraska and in neighboring Midwest states. But if you’re looking far and wide, you’ll also see positions available up and down both coasts, in the deepest South and sunny Southwest, in the states at the top of the U.S. map, and even as far away as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Alaska. Check back every couple of days, and you’ll always see something new. No matter where you’d like to look, chances are that we have an opening there.
  3. Our many different positions: You can also search by positions in the fields of nursing, therapy or radiology. Within those fields, you can then limit your search further by specifying a modality. Openings in nursing, for instance, range from ICU and ER positions to nurse managers and everything in between. Radiology positions might include vascular sonographer, mammographer, and more. Even therapy positions range beyond physical and occupational therapists.
  4. All of the rest: The medical field is broad, so even if you’re not a nurse, therapist or radiologist, you can look in our job openings’ fourth category to find a variety of other medical positions like pharmacists, medical social workers, surgical techs and sterile processing.

Some of the listed openings are available right away, and others will show a projected start date, but we’re here for you any time you’re ready to take the next step. If you’re interested in a particular position, the recruiter contact number and email is right there with the listing.

If you have any additional questions about sifting through RTG Medical’s openings for travel positions, feel free to get in touch with us through the comments or on Twitter–we’re always happy to hear from you!

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