Are Nurses The Answer to Problems In Health Care?

Are Nurses The Answer to Problems In Health Care?A quick look at our job openings in nursing shows well over 10 pages of openings.

And all around the country, there is a shortage of health care workers as demand continues to grow (because of an aging population, and also new legislation like the Affordable Care Act).

But a new NBC article suggests that nurses are actually the answer to these health care shortages because of their versatility and skill.

Here are a few interesting facts about nurses in the health care industry:

  • U.S. nursing schools rejected 75,587 qualified applicants from baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs in 2011, largely because of a lack of faculty
  • Still, the United States has more than 3 million nurses and,
  • The Institute of Medicine, which advises the federal government on health matters, says nurses can do more than they already do and can help meet ballooning demands
  • Clinical practices and hospitals are competing for the very same skilled nurses that the nursing schools need and want

Essentially, there is a very high demand for skilled nurses all around the country, and those same nurses are shifting roles, becoming more educated, and moving all around to help meet the growing demand for health care in the U.S.

This big shortage means good things for anyone looking to get a job in nursing. As we showed in our look at job openings, there are a huge number of nursing openings at hospitals all around the country. Hospitals all around the country are looking towards traveling nurses to fill their openings.

So even though something still needs to be done about the growing shortage of health professionals in our country, there has never been a better time than now to be a nurse–and especially a traveling nurse. There are a huge number of opportunities out there for you, and we’d be more than happy to help get you into a job you love!

Yes, then–nurses really do seem to be the answer to the problems currently facing health care. Are there any ways that you’ve seen this shortage of health care professionals in your day-to-day work as a nurse? Let us know–we’d love to hear your stories!

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