Traveler Candidates’ FAQ, Part II

This post is part II of a brief series on frequently-asked questions for our traveling medical professionals and candidates. To see part I in the series, click here.

Traveler Candidates’ FAQ, Part IIOn Monday, we talked about some of the first universal questions posed by traveler candidates. Today, we’ll explore some of the typical questions that come through later on in the onboarding process.

How will you prepare me for my assignment?

Once you’ve found an assignment that appeals to you, your RTG Medical recruiter will confirm your start date, shift, department and pay. We’ll then give you all the information we have describing the equipment, procedures and policies of the facility.

How will I get to my assignments?

Driving to an assignment is best for you because you’re then eligible for mileage reimbursements and in some instances, weekly car subsidies. If you’re unable to drive to an assignment, we may be able to make air travel and rental car arrangements for you.

Where will I stay when on assignment?

If you’re on a long-term (eight weeks or longer) assignment, your first two weeks will likely require you to stay at a hotel or other daily rental property, but we’ll make every effort possible to provide you with housing that has cooking facilities. During those first two weeks, your staffing specialist will work with you to secure longer term housing in a suitable area.

How much will I get paid?

We have some of the most competitive pay rates in the industry. Your recruiter will inform you of an assignment’s pay rate at the time of offer, and pay will depend on the facility and location, as well as your specialty, skill and experience.

When and how will I get paid?

Paydays are every Friday. Direct deposit is highly recommended, but your check can be mailed, too.

Do you withhold taxes?

We take care of your taxes for you. In addition to Federal and Social Security withholdings, we also withhold the appropriate taxes for your state of residence.

Are benefits available?

If you’re a contracted employee, you are eligible for such benefits as health, dental, and life insurance as soon as the first day of the month after you begin continuous employment. We also offer a 401(k) plan.

Can my family be covered under my insurance?

You can add your spouse, your children, or dependents to your insurance for an additional monthly premium. All you need to do to add your family to your insurance is complete the enrollment paperwork and pay the monthly premium.

How and when am I reimbursed for travel expenses?

Your expenses will be paid out weekly on Fridays. If you’re receiving mileage reimbursement, you’ll receive compensation for the one-way trip to your assignment with your first check.

So, how do I get started?

That’s the easy part! Register right on our website, call 866-RTG-2DAY (866-784-2329), or click on the “Contact Us” tab on our home page to have one of our staffing specialists contact you.

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to ask in the comments or on Twitter!

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