Traveler Candidates’ FAQ, Part I

Traveler Candidates' FAQ, Part ILet’s take a closer look at some of the frequently-asked questions posed by traveler candidates who are just starting to explore medical traveling for the first time, or who are newly considering joining RTG Medical from another medical placement agency.

Here are a few of our most frequently-asked questions:

Why should I work with RTG Medical?

As an RTG Medical employee, you will enjoy some of the highest pay rates in the industry, great benefits, and the freedom to choose when and where you want to work.

How do I find out about new job opportunities?

You can easily find out what new job openings are available to you by calling your RTG Medical recruiter or by visiting the job listings section on our website.

What are your minimum employment requirements?

You need to provide a valid professional practice license or certification (if applicable) and proof of the right to work in the United States. We will perform a background check, reference checks, and drug screen.

How do I become an RTG employee?

Register on our website and you can start right away. If you would prefer to personally talk to someone, simply call 866-RTG-2DAY (866-784-2329), or click on the “Contact Us” tab on our home page and fill out a request to have one of our staffing specialists contact you.

How long will it take before I can get an assignment?

The placement process goes quickly once you provide us with your application and credentials. Your flexibility with assignment choices will also increase your options.

Am I obligated to work for you once I register?

Registration does not obligate you to accept any assignment offered. We strive to give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not the assignment is a good match for your skill set and availability.

Can you keep me busy?

Although we can’t guarantee that an ideal assignment will always be waiting whenever you contact us, your degree of flexibility, experience, and skill will all increase the likelihood of a good fit when you’re available. Another way to ensure we’ll keep you busy is to consider returns to previous assignments, or extensions of current ones. We have hundreds of clients who will specifically ask for someone who has worked well at their facility before.

Am I allowed to accept a permanent job with one of your clients?

Yes! If you are offered a permanent job at one of the facilities where we have staffed you, you should take it as a great compliment. We have many agreements in place with our clients, and one of the perks of working through us is that your staffing specialist can help you during the negotiation process to secure permanent employment.

Check back on Wednesday for the second post in this brief series, where we’ll answer other frequently-asked questions for our traveling medical professionals. 

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