Referrals Get Rewarded With RTG TIP$

Referrals Get Rewarded With RTG TIP$Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising because the message is personal, comes from a trusted source, and has high credibility. For similar reasons, employees are a great resource for bringing in new employees to any company.

Not only do employees know the business from the inside, they also have keen insight into the career potential of the people they’re willing to refer. Plus, they have a stake in the outcome—most people feel that the success of their referrals reflects on them personally, so they’re not likely to recommend someone they don’t really feel is a good fit.

Show me the money

We realize that our employees have good judgment about who will enjoy traveling, and they also have the experience to identify which medical facilities are in need of qualified professionals. We value employee referrals so greatly that we’ve created a rewards program for successful referrals called RTG TIP$ Rewards. If you recommend a medical professional who decides to work with RTG Medical for their full 13-week period, you will earn a cash reward of $500 upon completion.

Time and time again

This isn’t a one-time incentive, either. Through the TIP$ Rewards program, you are entitled to $500 for each person you refer to us who completes that first qualifying assignment. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, so as a participant, you can earn virtually unlimited supplementary income, and it actually doesn’t matter whether or not you are currently working on assignment with RTG Medical yourself.

As for facility referrals, at RTG Medical we’re always welcoming more facilities to use our industry-recognized services and solutions. This fosters growth and gives everyone in the RTG Medical family another way to meet industry demands. So, if you refer a new medical facility to RTG and they wind up partnering with us to use our services, you’ll also be rewarded.

Sign up!

It’s pretty easy to get started. We have a form you can download on our website, fill out and mail in for registration. You can also fill out and submit an online form here. Help us make those new connections now, and later you’ll just sit back and let the referral rewards roll in.

We’re always happy to answer your questions about this program. Just email us at or call 866 RTG-2DAY (784-2329).

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