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Getting Connected With RTG MedicalWe mean it when we say, “people are our only asset.” One of the most significant aspects of a recruiter/staffing specialist’s job is making connections. It’s the recruiter’s responsibility to find the best fit for each candidate, and the best candidate for each open position at any of the medical facilities that use our services.

But how does the recruiter find the candidates, medical facilities and positions in the first place?

  1. – Our website has a job search tab which lists dozens and dozens of open and upcoming traveling positions in detail, with individual recruiter contact information for each. Medical professionals who find our site or are already registered with RTG can search by career area as well as geographic area to help them narrow down the listings to those opportunities they find most suitable.
  2. Referrals – RTG offers a referral program called RTG TIP$ Rewards. The program offers cash incentives for leads which result in placements and facility referrals that later utilize RTG for staffing needs. A downloadable registration form is available right on our website and we also offer an online form version.
  3. Direct contact – Sometimes, medical professionals and medical facilities come to us via phone, email or online connections. Other times, we check in with former or inactive travelers, or they check in with us when openings become available that may incite them to return to traveling (even temporarily).
  4. Job fairs – We staff job fairs throughout the country which specialize in the medical field, and that friendly, face-to-face presence is a great way to establish new connections.
  5. Social media – We’re on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which is a lot of fun and creates new opportunities for connections, but we also list open positions on both sites and we’re always gaining new fans and friends.
  6. Online job sites – Because we post openings on industry-specific sites like and, our positions also show up on rollup sites like and
  7. RTG database – The company has recruited and placed thousands of medical professionals since its inception and we are in daily contact with most medical facilities that use travelers as part of their staffing plan. Our state-of-the-art database contains information on more than 20,000 traveling medical professionals in various fields and in excess of 8,000 medical facilities across the country.

Our focus is on finding the best available candidates for a specific facility need. By reaching out through as many means as possible, we help ensure successful assignments, and help RTG continue to provide service and opportunities that rank among the highest in the industry.

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