The Perfect Fit: More on Being a Recruiter for RTG Medical

The Perfect Fit - More on Being a Recruiter for RTGA big part of a recruiter’s job is finding the right fit for any given job opening, and recruiters must be a good fit themselves. Like any other career field, there are certain skills and abilities that candidates must exhibit or develop to ensure a successful career in medical recruiting.

Who makes a good recruiter?

Telemarketing is a big part of the job, so phone experience is a huge advantage coming in to the recruiter position. But RTG isn’t a place where you’re handed a script and told to start dialing as the clock ticks down. You’ll need to be independent and capable of figuring out how to get the job done without constant oversight and micromanagement.

What are the advantages of this job?

There’s a lot of freedom. While you do report to your team, you’re also your own boss in a lot of ways and as long as you’re doing well, you get to be responsible for organizing your own time and managing your own workload.

As you’ve probably already heard (and maybe why you’re reading this in the first place), medical recruiting can be pretty lucrative. We reward success, so your diligence equals a nice payoff in terms of compensation.

What are the challenges of this job?

Being self-motivated and managing your accounts is great, but your role and relationship carries all the way through to the end of the medical professional’s assignment. This means that you have to be accessible around the clock pretty much every day since hospitals and many other medical facilities operate 24/7. Most days you won’t be receiving late-night or early-morning phone calls, but it can and does happen sometimes, and you always have to be ready for it.

Another challenge of this career is that it takes a while to learn the ropes. You’ll have to be organized, there’s a lot of paperwork, and you have to track your accounts without much hand-holding. You’ll eventually get the hang of it, of course, but mastery of the position doesn’t happen overnight (or even in those first few weeks). That can be a tough transition, especially if you’re coming from a job that you could practically do in your sleep.

How do I find out more?

To learn more about recruiter/staffing specialist positions available at RTG, simply contact us at 866 RTG-2DAY (784-2329) or through our website.

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