There’s More Than You Think to Fremont, Nebraska

There's More Than You Think to Fremont, NebraskaA significant percentage of our RTG Medical recruiters commute about 35 miles to and from Omaha each day, and if you’re considering joining their ranks, you’ll probably also join them in the nearly universal opinion that Fremont, Nebraska is a pretty nice place to spend the workday.

Small enough to get around, big enough to not get bored

The fact that Fremont is only a few miles across in all directions makes it an easy town to navigate–one that you’re bound to learn your way around quickly. Highway 275 runs along the eastern side of town, and coming from Omaha, you can exit to any of the major east-west streets like Morningside Road, Military Avenue, or 23rd Street (where we’re located). Major north-south routes are also easily accessible, and if you’re driving east to west through town, you’ll cross Luther Road, Bell Street (which extends from Old U.S. Hwy 275), Broad Street and Ridge Road.

It’s hard to get lost in a town this size. We’re on East 23rd Street between Bell and Broad, so once you enter Fremont city limits it’s just a few short minutes before you’ll find yourself pulling into the parking lot.

Everything you need

We admit that commuters can’t run home for lunch every day (but who really does that, anyway?). But there is an array of dining options right on 23rd, from fast food, to cafes, to a deli or two, and you only need to venture a few streets away to discover even more. When the weather is nice, there are city parks and green space peppered throughout the community where you can take a walk or have a nice outdoor lunch.

If you need to run errands during a break or after work, Fremont’s big enough to offer all the services you need. If you have to stop at the post office, pick up a prescription, wash your car or get an oil change, it’s all right there. You’ll find plenty of nail salons and barbershops, too.

A nice place to hang around

Your time in Fremont doesn’t have to be all for work, either. The town offers lots of shopping, plus there’s a cool historic downtown area (listed in National Register of Historic Places) filled with men’s and women’s clothing stores, restaurants and coffee houses, and a variety of one-of-a-kind boutiques and shops. You might even find yourself sticking around after work for dinner or enjoying a happy hour gathering once in a while.

If you’re unsure about Fremont, it’s easy to hop in your car and come explore our little city so you can see for yourself how great it is. And if you do, be sure to stop in at RTG to say hello!

Looking for more information on Fremont? Check out our other blog post on the city, or Fremont’s official website for more info.

photo credit: Overduebook via photopin cc

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