Highway 275: The Road to Success

Highway 275 The Road to SuccessBeing headquartered in Fremont, Nebraska, many of our recruiters at RTG Medical commute from the greater Omaha area–about 35 miles away from city center to city center. Their daily journey takes anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes each way, and for those in northwest Omaha or outlying communities like Elkhorn and Valley, the trip is even shorter.

Commuting to Fremont for work every day can be easier (and shorter) than driving across Omaha when you factor in traffic, parking, and the trek from a parking space to the front door–not to mention the time you’ll spend waiting for an elevator or trudging upstairs in a building downtown.

An easy drive

Depending on where you live, there are multiple routes from the Omaha metro area into Fremont, but at some point, you’re bound to end up on Highway 275. It’s a pleasant route running mostly through farmland, with few stoplights, four lanes, and a 65-mph speed limit. Congestion is rare, so the drive is a much more pleasant (and stress-free) experience than an in-city commute through stop-and-go traffic.

Everything about the commute from Omaha to Fremont makes it an easy drive: the sun is always to your back, so you don’t have to worry about road glare. And what’s more, traffic is always going the other way. Congestion is rare as we mentioned because most people are heading the opposite way every morning–so you won’t have to deal with traffic. Finally, 275 runs right to East 23rd Street where we’re located, so it only takes a few minutes to get to our office once you exit off the highway. An easy drive all-around.

Upsides to the road

While there’s no denying that it’s nice to be able to walk to work or zip home for your lunch break, those who commute will tell you there are actually some advantages to commuting every day. For starters, you get natural transition periods: time to ease into your day, and time to unwind after work in a world where we are constantly connected and “on.”

A morning commute gives you time to drink your morning coffee and plan for the day ahead. An afternoon/evening commute provides time to reflect on the day and relax so that you can fully transfer to “home mode” and engage with your family  (or friends) when you walk through the door or get back into town.

Your commute time is a great respite from your cell phone. You won’t be so isolated that you’re unreachable in the event of an emergency, and you’ll still be able to call AAA if you break down, but you also get to spend most of your time enjoying the silence. Even if you’re not into silence, you can enjoy music, podcasts or audiobooks during your daily drive, which gives you something to look forward to every day as you get behind the wheel.

No more rush hour

While many people are initially turned off by the thought of a commute like the one to our office from Omaha, many of our employees find that the commute is a great part of the day. A few hours on the open road each week can be incredibly relaxing, and chances are, once you get used to commuting on the highway, you’ll never want to slug through city rush hour ever again.

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