Permanent Placement is No Problem

permanent placement is no problemYou may have decided not to move onto your next assignment for any number of reasons. Maybe you found your dream job with your dream team sooner than you expected. Maybe you started off single but met “the one” during your travels. Maybe you finally found the community where you feel you truly belong.

Whatever the reason is that you can’t see yourself moving onto the next assignment, you may find yourself ready to put down roots in a new community. And you may be surprised to find out that that’s actually okay with us.

Permanent placement

RTG encourages its professionals to consider permanent placement at all locations, and takes pride when this happens because we’re driven by finding the right employees for our clients’ long-term needs. We feel that this type of staffing enables us to assist our clients in obtaining a more permanent solution for their current challenges.

What to consider

Because you’ve had a chance to “try out” a new community, you’ve already taken some of the first steps toward what you should consider before relocating. Temporary assignment at a location gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the cost of living, the community’s offerings, and the personality of the people. All that’s left is to take a look at available housing so you don’t end up making a risky decision when time is of the essence.

Time and time again

Planning your move in advance can also help you find the perfect time to move with regards to your work schedule, the season, school activities, and more. Once you’ve set the date to move, however, remember this: moving always takes longer than you think. Be sure to give yourself a little extra time in the schedule for packing and unpacking, or you may find yourself living out of boxes much longer than you expected.

Pack it up

Most of our traveling medical professionals have learned to pack relatively light for temporary assignments, but moving the home base is a little more intense. If you’re moving to a new community, you can’t exactly cash in all of your favors with your friends who drive pickups, or lure other pals into helping you move with the promise of a pizza. You may want consider using professional moving services, which range from full-service operations that pack your belongings to basic truck rentals which hand over a set of keys and leave the rest up to you.

So long, farewell

While we can only do so much to make moving easier for you, and we’ll certainly miss you when you leave us, we know that permanent placement can often be a wonderful solution for both you and our clients. And if that happens, rest assured: we’ll send you off with best wishes for a happy future.

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