There’s No Place Like Fremont, NE

Main Street. Fremont Nebraska.RTG Medical is headquartered in Fremont, Nebraska. If you’re from the Omaha metro area, you’ve probably already heard of it or even visited the small city at some point. It’s a great place to live and work!

Rivers, lakes, and highways

Fremont is the county seat of Dodge County and located in the northeastern part of the state, about 25 miles northwest of Omaha, Nebraska’s largest city, and about 50 miles northeast of the state capitol, Lincoln—with easy access to and from both via U.S. Routes 77 and 275 and east-west access via U.S. 30. Approximately 25,000 people call Fremont home.

It’s in a beautiful area, too, located in the river plain between the Platte River to the south and the Elkhorn River to the North. It’s also near a cluster of lakes off the Platte that gave rise to Fremont State Recreation Area, one of eastern Nebraska’s most popular recreation areas for camping, fishing, boating and waterskiing, and even hiking and picnicking.

Busy city

You’ll find everything you want in a small city: 21 city-owned parks; a daily newspaper, the Fremont Tribune; an undergraduate liberal arts college called Midland University and a branch of Metropolitan Community College; the Fremont Golf Club; the beautiful Historic Downtown District; and numerous restaurants and businesses.

History lesson

Fremont was founded in 1856 and named after General John C. Fremont, an explorer, politician, and military official. Its rich history includes its location along the Mormon Trail and overland routes for other travelers and pioneers; and the First Transcontinental Telegraph line, railroad, and highway passed near or through the community.

Stop in and stay awhile

We love being located in Fremont and think we’re part of a vibrant community, but you don’t have to take our word for it. If you decide to check out Fremont in person, look for us at 1005 East 23rd Street, Suite 200, and stop in to say hello! We’re southwest of 23rd and Bell, a little ways east of the Fremont Area Medical Center (which is probably pretty appropriate, if you think about it).

Both East 23rd and North Bell Streets are major streets for Fremont, so we’re not hard to find. If you stop a local to get directions, tell them we’re in the First State Bank building on the 23rd Street corridor, and they’ll know just where to point you.  

photo credit: jimmywayne via photopin cc

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