The RTG Application Process

First off, if you are a nurse, Happy Nurses Day to you! National Nurses Day, also known as National RN Recognition Day, is recognized each year on May 6 to launch National Nurses Week, which concludes on May 12, the birth date of Florence Nightingale. 

Pen signing an application. application process.Are we there yet?

Looking for a new job can be an intensive process, practically a new job in itself. You scour the want ads, do exhaustive online searches, and create customized resumes or CVs and cover letters for every position you want to pursue. Then there are the applications, reference forms, background releases, personality/talent assessments, and even drug tests . . . and some of this before you’re even granted an interview. And it doesn’t end once you’re hired, because there’s still that bundle of new-hire paperwork coming.

When you join RTG Medical, you get to repeatedly enjoy the excitement and challenge of working with a new team in a new environment, but without the repeated paperwork for each new position.

Step one, two, three…

To become an RTG Medical professional, you need to provide a valid professional practice license or certification (if applicable) and proof of right to work in the United States. We will perform a background check, reference checks and drug screen.

The placement process goes quickly once you provide us with your application and credentials, and you can download your forms from our website to complete at home and at your convenience. You even register your RTG medical profile right online. No more sitting hunched over in a reception area using a magazine and your lap for a desk, trying to recall infinite details of your work history on the spot.

You can access individual forms like the I-9, W-4, and ACH direct deposit authorization or grab them all rolled up into one packet along with our employee handbook. Our website also provides state-by-state therapy, nursing and radiology licensure agency contact information as well as information on certification boards for each specialty.

Once is enough

Once the registration process is completed (keyword here is “once”), you’re ready for your first assignment. But rest assured, registering with RTG does not obligate you to accept any assignments offered. We like to talk about the assignment up front so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not the assignment is a good match for your skill set and availability.

Once you have found an assignment that appeals to you, your RTG recruiter will confirm your start date, shift, department and salary. We will then give you all the information we have describing the equipment, procedures, and policies of the facility.

To start the conversation, click here.

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