What is a Staffing Agency?

RTG Logo. Staffing agency.There will always be job-seekers and there will always be job openings to fill. There is a multitude of ways to connect the two, from traditional newspaper want ads to job fairs to corporate headhunters (and everything in between). Staffing agencies serve both sides and help streamline the process that takes place between the moment the employer posts a position and the new hire’s first day on the job.

Meet your match

Some staffing agencies match applicants for both temporary and permanent placements in a spectrum of job fields, but more and more agencies specialize in one sector or have multiple divisions devoted to individual sectors. Regardless of how they’re organized or who they work with, their core purpose is the same: to match the employer’s needs with qualified individuals. Or, from the applicant’s perspective: to match qualified individuals with suitable employment. Either way you look at it, everyone wins.

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Agencies take care of the process behind determining applicants’ qualifications, which includes application paperwork; verifying education, certifications and licenses; checking references and employment history; and conducting background checks. They also know each candidate’s preferences. This prequalification means that when an opening is available, appropriate candidates can be determined quickly—and in some cases, work can start within as little as one or two days.

The employer pays a fee when the applicant is hired for the position, but the expense of using an employment agency is typically far less than devoting internal resources to a costly job search.

Us vs. Them

A medical staffing agency like RTG Medical differs from a traditional staffing agency because we specialize in recruiting and placing health professionals in the areas of nursing, radiology, therapy, pharmacy and laboratory throughout a wide variety of medical facilities. Our objective is also to assist medical facilities in meeting their staffing needs with qualified, competent individuals at a fair market cost.

We serve both the medical community and medical professionals in our role as an intermediary between the two. And we focus on establishing successful long-term relationships, not just completing transactions, so getting to know our clients both personally and professionally is an essential part of making the right connection.

If you want to explore our job openings or if you’re interested in becoming a member of our recruiting team, check out our website­ or give us a call and talk to us personally (866-RTG-2DAY/866-784-2329). We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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