Profile: The Typical Traveling Healthcare Professional

Traveling Healthcare Professional. Doctor's hands holding a stethoscope.Traveling healthcare professionals represent a variety of specialties and come from many backgrounds, but as you get to know them, you’ll find most of them have certain characteristics that help make this career choice a good fit.

Like a pro

This is really a requirement rather than a personality trait, but RTG’s traveling medical professionals are all professionally qualified. Not only does this mean they are educated and licensed and/or certified as required in their areas of specialty, they have also undergone background checks and reference verifications well before the first assignment.

Life’s a trip

Some traveling medical professional are simply willing to travel, but for some, it’s truly a passion. They like to explore new communities, experience the subtle differences in cultures between cities, check out the tourist traps and discover the unsung local treasures. These are people who view traveling for the job as a wonderful way to immerse themselves in a new experience. And the best part is, transportation and lodging costs are covered by the employer.

What’s new?

We celebrate marriages and births, graduations and retirements because they represent new beginnings and great potential, and because it’s simply exciting to start something new. For people who especially love fresh starts, a career as a traveling healthcare professional provides just that, over and over. They have a new facility, new co-workers, new management team, new patients . . . even a new home and new community to get to know, and these professionals enjoy the stimulation of being able to repeatedly start over.

Go with the flow

Traveling healthcare professionals are flexible. Some elements of individual healthcare jobs are certainly universal, but every facility is unique in its layout, equipment and technology, procedures, and even rules and regulations. Of course, each assignment brings the traveler to a different professional team, too. Fast learners who can adapt quickly find themselves fitting in and feeling comfortable in their new environment earlier, which makes the whole experience more fulfilling from the start.

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photo credit: Alex E. Proimos via photopin cc

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