The Evolution of Nursing Uniforms: From Caps to Scrubs

Over nearly 200 years, nursing uniforms have seen a remarkable transformation, reflecting shifts in societal norms, healthcare practices, and the role of nurses in the medical field.

19th Century:

  • Early nursing uniforms were heavily influenced by religious orders and resembled nuns’ habits.
  • Uniforms were long, modest, and often featured a headdress or cap.
  • The white color symbolized purity and cleanliness.

Late 19th to Early 20th Century:

  • Florence Nightingale’s influence led to standardized uniforms consisting of dresses with white aprons and caps.
  • The nursing cap had varying styles, with different shapes signifying different ranks or schools.
  • Uniforms were designed to project professionalism and dedication to patient care.

1920s – 1940s:

  • Uniforms began to evolve to more practical designs due to changing healthcare practices and shortages during World War I and II.
  • The hemlines of dresses became shorter to allow for easier movement.
  • The cape-style nursing uniform became popular during this time.

1950s – 1960s:

  • Traditional dresses and aprons remained common, but slight modifications in design occurred.
  • Short-sleeved dresses became more prevalent, indicating a move towards practicality and comfort.
  • Colors beyond white began to be introduced, reflecting a departure from the strict white uniform.

1970s – 1980s:

  • The pantsuit-style nursing uniform gained popularity, providing more mobility and comfort.
  • Scrubs, initially reserved for surgical staff, started to be adopted by nurses for their practicality.
  • Hospitals began to allow more color choices and patterns for uniforms.

1990s – 2000s:

  • Scrubs became the standard uniform for nurses in many healthcare settings.
  • Scrub designs varied, including V-neck tops, cargo-style pants, and various colors.
  • Hospitals and medical institutions introduced color-coded scrubs to differentiate roles or departments.

Present and Recent Trends:

  • Scrubs remain the standard nursing uniform, with a focus on comfort, ease of movement, and functionality.
  • Many healthcare facilities allow nurses to choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and styles for their scrubs.
  • Infection control measures have led to the use of antimicrobial fabrics and features that minimize the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including masks, face shields, and gowns, have become essential components of nursing uniforms due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Safety Tips for Healthcare Travelers

Traveling in healthcare allows you to continue doing what you love, while exploring places you’ve always wanted to visit! You’re more likely to stay safe while on your assignments if you’re comfortable and prepared. Here are some safety tips for healthcare travelers!

Plan ahead

As you prepare for your next adventure, it is imperative that you plan ahead. Finding safe and affordable housing is one of the most important things you can do. There are several things you can do to avoid housing scams, including knowing what fake ads look like, being aware of red flags, and reporting scams when you see them. Another thing you can use is areavibes, which gives you a livability score based on nearby amenities, the cost of living and crime rates. Familiarize yourself with the area you’ll be working and living in before you go.

Get an AAA membership

If you are going to be driving to your destination, you should definitely invest in AAA. An AAA membership aids you with 24 hour roadside assistance including tow trucks, jump starts, vehicle lock-outs, flat tires, and more. It’s nice to know that you can call for help if you encounter car problems along the way. You can also get member-only discounts on hotels and restaurants.

Keep in touch

This one probably goes without saying, but keep in touch with your friends and family back home. Also, update your emergency contact information before leaving just in case. Be sure someone knows your travel schedule, and update them along the way. Let them know where you’ll be working and living, and when you get there. It’s important to let them know you’re safe, but also share your experiences. If anything goes awry while on assignment, know that your recruiter is here to help, too!

Travel in groups

It’s understandable that you want to explore a new area, but you should try and travel in a group or with a buddy. You’ll make new friends while on assignment, and it can be fun to take on the new area with them. Plus, if they’re from there, you can experience living like a local. You can also ask your coworkers some of their favorite spots and places to eat, grab a drink, or a cup of coffee at. Keep your wits about you and always know it’s better safe than sorry.

Join other healthcare travelers and partner up with RTG Medical

We have helped tons of healthcare travelers find jobs in locations they’ve always wanted to travel to! It’s important to know the essential safety elements that come with being a traveling healthcare professional. We want you to have fun and be safe, and if you ever feel unsafe at your facility while on assignment, contact the local authorities or your recruiter right away. If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, reach out to RTG Medical today!

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RTG Medical Celebrates 20+ Years with New Logo Release

RTG Medical Launches a New Logo to Reflect the Company’s Culture Focused on Building Relationships with Healthcare Travelers and Clients.

Our vision for the future is to become the most trusted and innovative partner in healthcare staffing solutions by enhancing the experience for our travelers and clients.

“At RTG Medical, we have a history of embracing change in all facets of the healthcare staffing industry. We will continue to embrace change with our new logo design as we move forward. However, a new logo is only as good as the people behind it, and at RTG Medical, our greatest asset is and always will be our people.” 

-Charlie Janssen President and CEO of RTG Medical

The new logo is an evolution of the company’s previous logo, with a look and feel that embodies RTG Medical’s dedication and commitment to improving the lives of those we work with. RTG Medical is a national leader in healthcare staffing and a five-time Inc. 5000 recipient for Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in America. RTG Medical prides itself on building an in-house culture based on family, integrity, and community that was recognized and awarded three times as a Baird Holm LLP “Best Places to Work in Omaha.” After recently being named to the 2021 Largest Healthcare Staffing Firms in the United States by SIA, RTG Medical looks to expand their team over the next 3-5 years as they move to their new headquarters in 2022. The timing of our new logo aligns with the significant growth that is taking place across the organization.

RTG Medical new HQ location coming Spring 2022.

The new 54,000 sq. ft. headquarters is located off highway 275 in Fremont, NE providing easy access for commuters from Omaha and surrounding communities. The new logo represents RTG Medical’s growth over the past 20 years and reflects the company’s dedication to improving the experience for our travelers and clients. “RTG desires to be an organization with a professional yet friendly feel. While our name remains the same, RTG prides itself on the integrity and values we form our relationships on. Therefore, we wanted a logo that warmly introduces us to a conversation about what we can do for you. As we launch a newly designed logo, we want RTG travelers and clients not to forget who we are. We are still the same honest, transparent company we were prior,” said Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder Jeremy Guenthner. 

About RTG Medical:

Established in 2001, RTG Medical is a veteran-owned healthcare staffing agency that connects, facilitates, and manages the placement of traveling healthcare professionals to healthcare facilities of all sizes across the country. Headquartered in Fremont, Nebraska, RTG works hard to provide simplified solutions that positively impact both patient care and the country’s ongoing healthcare shortage. For more information, visit

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The Top 10 Leaf Peeping States to Travel to For Your Fall Assignment

As the weather cools down, the autumn months bring a spectacular display of nature’s beauty. The leaves begin to fall, creating a stunning array of colors that are simply breathtaking. You can find your next healthcare travel assignment by looking through our top 10 leaf-peeping views around the country.


When to go: Late August through early September

Experience an unparalleled journey unlike any other at Denali National Park in Alaska. Witness the awe-inspiring landscapes featuring vivid reds, golds, purples, and snow-capped mountains. Take a moment to admire the breathtaking views and catch a glimpse of the infamous northern lights.


When to go: Mid-to-late September

Discover the Best Fall Foliage in the Town Named After a Tree! If you’re searching for a stunning autumn landscape, look no further than Aspen, CO. This picturesque town is renowned for its golden foliage, making it the perfect destination for leaf peeping. You’ll discover various outdoor activities to enjoy the views, particularly in Maroon Bells, only 10 miles west of Aspen and considered the “most photographed” spot in Colorado.


When to go: Mid-October through early November

Explore the Beauty of Vogel State Park, Tucked Below the Chattahoochee National Forest, if you’re looking for the perfect spot to catch the stunning fall foliage. It stands out because the leaves remain vibrant and colorful well into November. Additionally, the park is ideal for families, with easy access to the Trahlyta Falls scenic viewing point via the Bear Hair Gap Trail.


When to go: Early through mid-October

Sun Valley isn’t just for skiing— it’s also a breathtaking destination for leaf-peepers during autumn. If you’re an adventure seeker, you’ll be thrilled with the miles of hiking trails, scenic vistas, and stunning orange and yellow aspen trees in the forest.


Fall Color at Natural Arch – Sterns RD – Daniel Boone National Forest

When to go: Late October through early November

If you’re a fan of natural wonders, Daniel Boone National Forest is an experience that feels too good to be true. It’s home to breathtaking geological treasures, like natural stone arches, crimson dogwoods, and scarlet sugar maples. Kentucky is genuinely a leaf-peeper’s paradise!


An autumnal view of Mt. Norwottuck in the Holyoke range.

When to go: October

The Berkshires are one of the best places to travel for fall foliage. With the leaves starting to change at the end of September, the peak season begins in mid-October. The breathtaking colors, ranging from golden yellows to vivid oranges to deep reds, are simply unforgettable. If you’re an adventure-seeker, hike up the Stony Ledge trail to the highest peek in the Berkshires (3,500 ft.) for the best viewing points.

New Hampshire

When to go: Late September through early October

Experience a fall wonderland on a 34-mile trip through the New Hampshire countryside with a ride along Kancamagus Highway. However, be sure to fill up your tank before embarking on this journey, as there are no gas stations or stores along the highway.


When to go: Mid-to-late October

Oregon is well-known for its breathtaking scenery year-round, but the fall season is particularly noteworthy. Witness the vivid display of colors as the big-leaf maples, cottonwoods, ash, and twisted pines converge for a spectacular show. Drive along the Columbia River, hike the trails, or kayak/raft down the river while beholding the magnificent view of Mt. Hood towering over 11,000 feet in the background.


When to go: Mid-October through late NovemberThe Great Smoky Mountains are another great place to visit for leaf peeping. You can get the best views of the transitional autumn leaves on trees that reach up to 4,000 feet throughout the region by driving along the Clingmans Dome Road, the Blue Ridge Parkway, or the Foothills Parkway.

Mid-October through late November

The Great Smoky Mountains are another great place to visit for leaf peeping. You can get the best views of the transitional autumn leaves on trees that reach up to 4,000 feet throughout the region by driving along the Clingmans Dome Road, the Blue Ridge Parkway, or the Foothills Parkway.


When to go: Early to mid-October

Grand Teton National Park has breathtaking views all year long, but especially in the autumn months. You can see the wildlife preparing for winter, snowcapped mountains, and the vivid hues of red and yellow on the cottonwoods, aspens, and willows.

Protect Your Data While Traveling

Although it may seem like a hassle, data security is essential for travelers of all kinds. Protecting your information is crucial whether you’re carrying a phone, tablet, or laptop, and prioritizing data protection while on the go can help you avoid a technological headache.

Update and Prepare Your Devices

Ensuring your devices are prepared for travel is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your data. You can install software updates before leaving, and consider setting your devices up to auto-update to avoid manual updates in the future. These updates often contain critical security patches that can safeguard your devices from potential threats.

You can adjust your settings to disable auto-connecting to Wi-Fi and turn off location services to reduce the risk of being tracked or attacked by hackers. You can still use these features, but it’s best to be intentional instead of allowing your phone to decide automatically. Set up login security measures such as passcodes or facial recognition to prevent unauthorized access to your phone.

Enable the Find My Device feature on all your devices, which will let you locate them if lost or delete everything if they get stolen. Lastly, back up all your essential data before leaving home, which could save you from a headache if you lose your phone or it gets stolen.

Use a VPN

What is a VPN?

A VPN provides private and secure internet access by encrypting your online data to protect usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, browser cookies, and other identifying information.

How does a VPN work?

In simple terms, a VPN creates a secure and encrypted connection between your device and a remote server. This connection protects your internet data as it passes through the VPN, which acts as a go-between for you and any website you visit. Your actual IP address is hidden, ensuring complete privacy and security.

Why should you use a VPN while traveling?

Please ensure you use a VPN for a secure and private online experience. Here’s why it’s essential:

  • A VPN adds an extra layer of security when using public Wi-Fi networks, which are often unsecured and prone to hacking.
  • Your internet traffic is encrypted, making it difficult for hackers to access your data.
  • Bypass geographical restrictions and access blocked content like Netflix or social media platforms.
  • Protect your privacy by concealing your IP address and location from websites that track your online activity.

Using a VPN is an easy and efficient way to increase your online security and privacy when on the go.

Regularly Update Passwords

It is crucial to update passwords regularly to ensure the security of your accounts. Changing your passwords frequently can help prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. It’s recommended to use a strong, unique password for each account and avoid using easily guessable information such as your name, birthdate, or common words. Additionally, enabling two-factor authentication can provide an extra layer of security to your accounts.

Turn off Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth is a fantastic tool for hands-free communication in the car or connecting devices at home. However, forgetting to disable Bluetooth when venturing to public places is easy, especially when traveling. Leaving your Bluetooth open can be risky, as anyone within range can potentially tap into your device without your knowledge. To prevent this, take a moment to turn off Bluetooth while traveling and enjoy peace of mind.

Data security is essential for travelers, and several ways to protect your information exist. Preparing your devices with software updates, using a VPN, disabling auto-connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, turning off location services, enabling login security measures, and backing up data can help.

Are you ready to travel to your next assignment? Contact RTG Medical! Our recruiters will work with you to understand your unique skills and career goals and match you with job opportunities that align with your interests. Please reach out to us today to take the first step in finding your dream healthcare job.

Traveler Contracts: What are Guaranteed Hours?

Most healthcare traveler contracts include a “guaranteed hours” clause, and it’s often misunderstood. But what does “guaranteed hours” mean?

Some travelers believe they’ll be paid for the hours outlined in their contract regardless of whether they work them. Others assume it’s a form of financial support from the agency while they’re away from home base. Additionally, some view it as insurance to protect their salary if the census drops or they’re not scheduled as frequently as promised. However, the meaning of “guaranteed hours” can differ depending on how it’s covered in the contract, causing uncertainty for many.

Protects the Traveler and the Agency

To ensure both the medical facility and the agency are protected, healthcare staffing agencies use contracts that include guaranteed hours. This is a mutually beneficial agreement since revenue must be generated from both parties to cover the costs involved. The traveler’s hours worked at the medical facility directly impact the agency’s ability to cover the expenses.

In a traveler’s contract with an agency, the guaranteed hours policy benefits both parties. This clause ensures that the traveler will continue to receive payment even if a facility becomes overstaffed. Hospitals face a constant balancing act in staffing to maintain the patient-to-staff ratio amidst an ever-changing census, sick employee calls, vacations, and other variables.

So Who Guarantees Your Hours?

When a traveler signs a contract, the contracted agency is responsible for guaranteeing and paying the traveler’s hours. However, the facility the traveler is assigned to often agrees to a minimum number of hours that they’ll give them. This guarantee from the facility to the agency ensures it can meet its financial obligations while fulfilling its agreement with the traveler. Remember that a contracted agency is responsible for ensuring they fulfill their side of the agreement with the traveler.

Read and Understand Your Contract

The guaranteed hours policy can vary from hospital to hospital and sometimes even within different regions. To avoid surprises while on assignment, reading and comprehending the contract (including the fine print) is essential. While some facilities may guarantee all promised hours, others may allow up to three shifts to be canceled within a 13-week period without coverage of pay. However, some contracts provide more flexibility, enabling one shift cancellation per week while still meeting guaranteed hours obligations.

It’s important to note that contracts can change at different times of the year, and floating to other units within a traveler’s scope of practice may be necessary to fulfill the guarantee. In a major metropolitan area, travelers may need to float between multiple hospitals to meet their guaranteed hours. Keep in mind that requesting specific days off may result in not receiving guaranteed hours if it doesn’t fit within the hospital’s schedule.

While guaranteed hours may seem straightforward, the execution can sometimes be more complex. Be sure to read and understand your contract fully to avoid any misunderstandings.

Understanding guaranteed hours within your contract can be complicated. Luckily, you can trust RTG Medical’s expert recruiters. Contact our team today to get started on your next travel assignment.

Land the Best Allied Health Travel Position

Occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, and other allied professionals play a vital role in the healthcare industry, providing crucial services to patients and clients daily. Travel allied health professionals can travel the country while working short-term, typically 13-week, contracts. Healthcare workers are always in high demand, but how do you find the best travel positions?

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Healthcare travelers need to have a solid resume. Healthcare recruiters are busy and sort through dozens of resumes daily, so keeping your resume short and sweet is important. Use keywords to highlight experience, specialties, and other skills. Include all certifications and licenses, and describe assignments briefly with what, when, and where. Highlight adaptability, flexibility, and teamwork as valued traits. In addition, get in the habit of updating the resume after each assignment, and consider having an online resume on a platform such as LinkedIn.

Use Job Boards as a Research Tool

Job boards can be an excellent research tool for learning about pay expectations and industry trends. However, landing a specific job found on a job board can be challenging. Job availability changes year-to-year and seasonally, so learning the trends is a great way to plan. To improve your chances of landing a great job from a job board, you must move quickly and efficiently when introduced to a recruiter and have all your paperwork ready to go!

Work With the Right Recruiter

You don’t want to work with just any recruiter… Recruiters are the bridge between you and your ideal allied health travel position. All recruiters are different, so working with the right recruiter at the right agency is essential. When finding new job opportunities in the travel industry, time is of the essence. This is why it’s crucial to have an efficient and responsive recruiter, so you can be one of the first to learn of any promising openings. A slow recruiter can mean missed opportunities and being left behind in an industry that moves at lightning speed. Don’t let that happen to you – find a recruiter who will move quickly on your behalf to get you to your next assignment.

Healthcare professionals often place RTG Medical at the top of their list when seeking the best medical staffing agency to work with. Why? Because we provide the highest quality experience in healthcare staffing. Our recruiters actively incorporate our core values – people-first, integrity, and accountability – into their work. Start your next adventure with RTG Medical by connecting with a recruiter today!

Take Your CNA Career on the Road

Are you a CNA looking to take the next step in your career? Becoming a traveling CNA is an excellent opportunity to broaden clinical knowledge and gain industry experience while traveling the country!

What Does a Traveling CNA do?

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) works under the supervision of a registered nurse and provides direct care to patients. Traveling CNAs have the opportunity to work in various settings like home health care, hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. While daily tasks vary depending on each patient’s needs, traveling CNAs can expect to help with activities of daily living (ADLs), like dressing, eating, and bathing; taking vital signs; monitoring, recording, and assessing health; and so much more.

Benefits of Becoming a Traveling CNA

Working as a traveling CNA is a gratifying career with many benefits. As a traveling CNA, you can choose where, when, and for how long you want to work, travel to different parts of the country, gain experience in various healthcare settings, and get great pay.


One of the most significant advantages of becoming a traveling CNA is the ability to work and travel on your own terms. You have control of your schedule, allowing you to choose assignments based on your salary, contract length, and location preferences.


Working as a traveling CNA means choosing where to travel for an assignment. You can find adventures outside of your assignment, checking boxes off of your bucket list, like hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans, or just sitting on the beach somewhere! However, make sure that you do your research to ensure you meet the license requirements of the states you choose to travel to.

Career Growth

Traveling as a CNA offers numerous opportunities to learn and grow your skill sets. Traveling to new cities and facilities every few weeks gives you the hands-on experience you need to expand your knowledge. In addition, you can work as a traveling CNA while you work towards another healthcare-related degree.

Great Pay

It is common for traveling CNAs to be paid more than permanent staff. In addition to higher pay, travelers can expect other financial benefits like travel stipends and reimbursements, healthcare benefits, and bonuses.

Becoming a traveling CNA is an excellent opportunity to create lasting experiences, gain knowledge, and find jobs on your terms. If you want to become a traveling CNA, contact a recruiter at RTG Medical today. We want to help you begin your next adventure.

Foodie Guide: Where to Eat on Your Assignment in Boston, MA

While classic dishes like lobster rolls, clam chowder, and steakhouse staples will always hold a special place in the hearts of Bostonians, the city’s food scene is expanding with new and exciting options. No matter what you’re in the mood for, this guide will help you eat your way through Boston.


Lulu’s Allston

Lulu’s brunch menu is available seven days a week until 3 p.m., featuring hearty food options like their famous breakfast totchos, omelets, and burgers. In addition to the food, Lulu’s is known for their draft cold brew and delicious cocktails to enjoy at any point of the day.

Winsor Dim Sum Café

This popular Chinatown spot serves traditional Chinese dim sum dishes. The cash-only spot offers an extensive menu, a lively atmosphere, and a variety of food options for those with dietary restrictions. However, on weekends and holidays, the restaurant can get busy, so it’s recommended to get there early or make a reservation.

Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant

With weekday (10:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.) and weekend (9:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.) brunch, this popular spot is a South Boston favorite! Enjoy a variety of sweet and savory options from their signature fruity pebble pancakes to wood fired pizzas!

The Neighborhood Restaurant

Enjoy the classics like French toast, pancakes, and omelets from this family-owned restaurant. Since opening in 1983, this Boston favorite provides a classic breakfast menu with a unique Portuguese influence. Breakfast starts at 7:00 a.m. daily.


Sam LaGrassa’s

This longtime family-owned sandwich shop is adored by locals. Their legendary sandwiches are loaded with fresh meats, cheeses, and sauces. If you’re looking for a lunch spot that will leave you satisfied every time, Sam LaGrassa’s is the place to go.

James Hook & Co.

Serving fresh seafood to downtown Boston since 1925, James Hook & Co. is a must-visit for seafood lovers. While it may look small, their large portions fresh to order meals like whole-cooked lobsters, shrimp, and clam chowders will leave you full and satisfied.  


This family-owned restaurant specializes in Sicilian comfort food with a Middle Eastern twist. The pasta dishes are made so fresh that the dough is prepared right after you order! Satisfy your pasta cravings with irresistible Mediterranean spices at Carmelina’s.

Legal Harborside

Legal Harborside is one of the most popular lunch spots in Boston. The waterfront seafood chain serves gourmet food with stunning views over the harbor. Enjoy seafood favorites, cocktails, and a Boston Cream Pie for dessert, of course.

Dinner + Drinks

Grill 23 & Bar

This locally owned steakhouse nails the essentials from prime steaks to pristine seafood. But it’s not just the food that sets this restaurant apart. Grill 23 & Bar will make you feel like a private member with their large cocktails and extensive win list.

Dear Annie

When the owner of a fantastic wine bar joins forces with a team obsessed with locally sourced produce, an even more amazing new venue is born. This unconventional counter-service restaurant offers a delightful menu of light, pescatarian meals paired with intriguing wines. Sit shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers at a large communal table while enjoying in-house preserved fish, grilled cheese with seasonal sides, and the dessert of the day.

Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen

If you’re on the hunt for some delectable soul food, look no further than this unique eatery. You can enjoy live performances most nights, and even during Sunday brunch. Darryl’s ss a local favorite for quintessential southern dishes like Creole jambalaya, shrimp and grits, and their legendary fried chicken. Top off your meal with their big drinks and hefty sides. Don’t forget to try their famous collard greens – it’s a must-try!

Select Oyster Bar

Select Oyster Bar is the perfect destination for both visitors and locals seeking a seafood experience. This restaurant is suitable for all occasions – from business lunches to fancy dinners after a day of shopping. Featuring an array of options, including pristine crudo, giant raw-bar platters, and Mediterranean-inspired entrées, this bustling eatery has something to offer everyone. Don’t forget to check out the concise cocktail list, which expertly complements the fish dishes.

Get a taste of Boston, MA, on your next travel assignment with RTG Medical. With RTG Medical as your traveling partner, you can have it all— a fulfilling travel assignment and an unforgettable experience in one of the most exciting cities in the country. Contact us today or visit our job board to plan your travel assignment in Boston.

Transitioning From New Grad to Healthcare Traveler

Congratulations on your graduation! It’s time to trade in the cap and gown for scrubs. You may be wondering how to start your healthcare traveling career now that you have passed your exams and moved the tassel from right to left. However, healthcare traveling isn’t something new graduates should expect to do right away. Many staffing agencies require two years of experience, but this means you have time to start checking requirements off your list so you can begin traveling when the time is right.

Consider Working in Acute Care or a Float Pool

Healthcare facilities often hire travelers to fill staffing gaps, which means they must adjust quickly to new setting with limited orientation to their temporary position. Working in an acute care setting can give healthcare professionals a variety of valuable experiences, allowing them to become well-versed in a variety of areas.

Find Your Specialty

While some healthcare professionals already know which specialty they are passionate about, others may benefit from trying out different niches to determine the right path for them. Ask yourself these questions when considering a specialty:

  • What was your favorite rotation or healthcare setting during clinicals?
  • What type of shifts do you prefer?
  • Do you have any limitations that may keep you from choosing a specific area?

Ultimately, the most important thing is choosing a specialty that you are passionate about, aligning with your personal and professional goals. And remember, no decision is absolute­­­— you can always change your mind down the road.

Prepare Your Resumé

Now that you have the experience, it’s important to start prepping your resumé to apply for travel positions. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Highlight relevant experience: Focus on experience that is relevant to the traveling positions you are applying for. This could include experience in a similar facility, patient ratios, or acuity levels.
  • Emphasize certifications and licenses: Include certifications and licenses that are required for the job you are applying to.
  • Customize your resumé: Tailor your resumé to the position you’re applying for. This shows the agency or facility that you have taken the time to understand their needs and are genuinely interested in the position.
  • Proofread carefully: Before submitting any application, proofread your resumé carefully. Typos and grammatical errors can make a negative impression.

Match With a Recruiter

Now that you have completed the requirements to become a healthcare traveler, it’s time to connect with a recruiter. If you’re ready to begin your healthcare traveling career, contact RTG Medical. By creating a profile on our website, we can connect you with a recruiter and get you on the path to begin your first travel assignment. Together, you’ll work to identify opportunities from assignment length to location. Why wait? Start your next adventure with RTG Medical today.

A Traveler’s Guide to the Midwest

Healthcare traveler jobs can take you anywhere in the country! However, Midwestern states can have a unique appeal for healthcare travelers. In the Midwest, you’re never far from a river, lake, or a little “hole in the wall” restaurant you’ll never forget about. Each state is as unique as the next, offering sights and experiences you’ll always remember.

Nursing Licensure Compact in the Midwestern States

The Midwest has 12 states: Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Of these states, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota are not currently a part of the Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC). The NLC is an agreement between states that allows nurses to have one compact nursing license that will enable them to practice in other states that are a part of the agreement. 


If you’re a sports fan, you’ll want to check out Indiana’s rich basketball history. Home to the Hoosiers and several outdoor attractions, Indiana is a great midwestern state to travel to. From family-friendly attractions, like the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, to state parks like Turkey Run and Prophetstown, Indiana has no shortage of exciting places to visit. 

But Indiana has much more to offer than just sports and outdoor activities. The state is also home to several fascinating museums, including the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art and the Indiana State Museum. And if you’re a fan of history, be sure to visit the historic town of New Harmony, founded in 1814 as a utopian community.

No matter your interests, there’s something for everyone in Indiana. So why not plan your next travel assignment in the Hoosier State and experience all that it has to offer?

Downtown Indianapolis


While Chicago is undoubtedly a must-visit destination in Illinois, plenty of other cities are worth exploring throughout the state. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Springfield: As the state capital, Springfield is home to numerous historic sites and museums related to Abraham Lincoln, including the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and his former home.
  • Galena: This charming town in northwest Illinois is known for its well-preserved 19th-century architecture and quaint downtown area. It’s a great place to shop for antiques and artisanal goods.
  • Urbana-Chanpaign: This college town is home to the University of Illinois and boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene, including the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. It’s also a great place to sample some of the state’s famous sweet corn.

No matter where you go in Illinois, you’re sure to find plenty of things to see and do, from outdoor recreation to cultural experiences.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Located in the heart of the Midwest, Iowa is known for its rich cultural heritage and thriving agricultural industry. Its vast open spaces, adorned with fields of corn, are complemented by friendly Midwestern cities that offer a refreshing change of pace.

Iowa’s much to explore, from river museums and famous movie locations to the historic German colonies and extensive cave systems. Some popular attractions in Iowa include the Iowa State Capitol, the Amana Colonies, the Field of Dreams movie site, and the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum.

Field of Dreams Movie Site


Kansas may be popularized by the classic American film, The Wizard of Oz, but there is so much more to this state than the movie portrays. As the 15th largest state in the US, Kansas boasts a rich agricultural heritage. Endless fields of wheat and corn and the tallgrass prairies are the state’s natural wonders worth exploring.

Kansas is also proud to showcase its Native American history, exemplified in exhibits like the Mid-America All-Indian Center and the Keeper of the Plains in Wichita. History buffs will love Kansas for preserving the state’s Wild West roots. Tourists can immerse themselves in the authentic flavor of the Wild West by visiting historical areas like Boot Hill and Fort Larned, which have remained relatively unchanged since Buffalo Bill’s time in the 1800s.

For art and music enthusiasts, Kansas offers plenty of options to explore, while speed and adventure lovers can enjoy the thrill of a race at Kansas Speedway or get inspired at the Evel Knievel Museum.

Keeper of the Plains Statue


Michigan is a state that offers a diverse range of attractions thanks to its varied landscape, rich history, and the legendary city of Detroit. With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular tourist destination. Here’s a list of what to expect:

  • Nature lovers will be thrilled with the endless opportunities to explore natural wonders along the Great Lakes shores. From freshwater dunes to coastal habitats, there’s something for everyone.
  • Historical sites, such as living history museums, are a must-see, with popular destinations including Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island and Greenfield Village, part of the Henry Ford historic sites.
  • Detroit is a wonderful city to visit for those seeking a faster pace. It’s a city that has embraced its significant contributions as the Motor City and evolved into a top tourist destination and cultural center.

From the city’s bright lights to the natural beauty of the Great Lakes, Michigan offers an abundance of things to see and do.

Mackinac Bridge


Minnesota is a state that offers a diverse range of experiences, from wandering through the wilderness of Superior National Forest and the North Shore of Lake Superior to exploring cultural attractions, including the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the stunning Munsinger Clemens Gardens in St. Cloud. In addition, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as hiking trails, paddling waterways, skiing hills, and shopping at the Mall of America. With this state’s abundance of things to do, it’s no wonder it is more than just a land of 10,000 lakes. 

North Shore of Lake Superior


Nebraska may not be the first place that comes to mind when planning a trip, but that’s a mistake. This state has so much to offer, from friendly locals to fascinating natural wonders and charming cities. Lincoln – the state capital – and Omaha are the two main population centers, and both are incredibly welcoming. Explore the historic districts, Omaha’s award-winning Henry Doorly Zoo, and help cheer on the Nebraska Cornhuskers!If you venture further afield, you’ll be rewarded with a landscape unlike any other. Chimney Rock and the Sandhills are just a couple of the unique spots worth exploring.

Chimney Rock

North Dakota

North Dakota is a land of diverse natural beauty, from rugged badlands to lush woodland settings and water-fed natural features, offering endless landscapes to explore. In addition to its stunning scenery, the state boasts a rich history and culture, which can be experienced through its museums and historic sites.

Visitors to North Dakota are often drawn to outdoor attractions such as Theodore Roosevelt National Park or Lake Sakakawea. For those who prefer indoor activities, the state offers a range of tourist attractions, such as the North Dakota Heritage Center in Bismarck and the Plains Art Museum in Fargo.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park


Ohio is a state that has much to offer, with diverse experiences for every kind of traveler. The state’s cities are home to some of the region’s finest cultural attractions, shopping areas, and entertainment venues. For example, visitors can explore the vibrant music scene in Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or discover the rich history of Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

Ohio’s rural areas provide a glimpse into a simpler way of life. One must-visit location is Amish Country, where visitors can learn about and experience the Amish lifestyle. Ohio’s summer fun towns, such as Sandusky, offer amusement parks and other exciting activities for families and thrill-seekers alike.

For nature lovers, Ohio’s parks and lakes provide countless adventures. The state’s national and state parks offer hiking, camping, and wildlife-watching opportunities. During the winter months, visitors can even try their hand at ice fishing on the frozen lakes.

Amish Country

Southa Dakota

Nestled in the heart of the country, South Dakota offers a variety of tourist attractions and breathtaking natural beauty. From towering badlands to National Music Museums, there are countless reasons to make South Dakota your next destination.

Nature lovers will be in awe of the stunning outdoor scenery that South Dakota has to offer. The Black Hills, located on the western side of the state, provide the perfect setting for outdoor adventures. These woodlands are not only a haven for wildlife but also have a rich history that spans thousands of years. Visitors can explore underground caves and marvel at monumental structures.South Dakota’s landscapes are steeped in history, making sightseeing all the more intriguing. Must-visit destinations include Deadwood, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and Good Earth State Park, each offering a unique glimpse into the region’s past.



Wisconsin provides a wide range of attractions and landscapes to explore, bordered by the stunning Lakes Michigan and Superior. To the north and west, hills are perfect for hiking and mountain biking, while the south and east have vast lowlands ideal for dairy farming. During the summer season, visiting the beaches is a must-do activity.

Wisconsin has numerous cultural activities and events, ranging from the Oshkosh Airshow to Milwaukee’s popular Summerfest. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or prefer leisure activities, Wisconsin offers great fishing lakes, lakes for boating, and hiking and biking trails that rank among the best in the country.


Healthcare traveler jobs offer work opportunities nationwide, but the Midwest has a special charm. The region is full of rivers, lakes, and unforgettable experiences that will leave a lasting impression. Each state is distinct, providing sights and experiences you’ll cherish forever. Which Midwest state will you travel to for your next assignment? View our job openings across the country or contact a recruiter today. 

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